Jupiter Opposite Chiron: Rewrite the Past

Chiron represents wounds, and is traveling through the ultimate martyr, Pisces. Where Chiron goes, it brings up old pain and vulnerability, and Pisces can mean victimization. Another planet opposing Chiron in the sky can activate pain (via a confrontation with someone else, for example), but Jupiter is optimistic. He may magnify self-criticism in Virgo, but also bring an opportunity to see your past experiences in a new light. If you can let joy in, you can rewrite your story.

On Tuesday, February 23, Jupiter at 20º Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. These are slow-moving bodies, so this energy is building for a few weeks. Jupiter is retrograde at the moment, and Chiron is in direct motion. The two opposed each other back on Nov 3, 2015 (when Jupiter was direct and Chiron was Rx), so there may be something that requires revisiting from that time. They will oppose each other a third time on Aug 12, 2016 when Jupiter is direct and Chiron is Rx. That will be your final opportunity to put the subject to rest and move on.

Jupiter Rx in Virgo is about reflecting on what could be enhanced in your life (like health and work habits). This step is introspective. Go easy on the self-criticism at this time, because there’s a sore spot you could hit. To get a sense of what issues may be brought up, look to the houses in your chart that contain 20º Virgo/Pisces. Also, think about what was brought up at the first opposition in November.

Why not use this major transit to see past trauma in a new light? Some people think the past is etched in stone, but if you look at it as a pencil drawing, you can erase the parts you don’t like and etch in something better. Take responsibility for what you attracted to you before, and move on.

Those with planets or angles from 19º – 24º of the mutable signs will feel this transit strongest.


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