Full Moon in Virgo

February 22 is the Full Moon in Virgo (at 3º). This phase represents a culmination where it occurs in your chart, but you can also ask yourself what you have been working on since the New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 8). Health and work are Virgo’s territory, and a stressful situation or growing health issue may come to a head at the Full Moon. Virgo scrutinizes, identifying what needs adjustment in a situation. This is your opportunity to clean up and organize.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun is at 3º Pisces, loosely conjunct Neptune and Ceres (both at 9º). Neptune adds emotion/illusion. While Full Moons tend to be peak emotional times, Virgo is a practical Earth sign that channels emotion into work (or hyper criticism and subsequent illness). Neptune is an idealist, and if Virgo cannot get the precise details right, it will give up. If you feel your faith wavering, instead of throwing in the towel, let yourself be inspired by the bigger picture. Virgo often can’t see the forest for the trees, and can benefit from some imagination.

Ceres is an asteroid representing nurturing, loss, and the birth-death cycle. It can bring up mother issues or past abandonment. Opposing the Virgo Full Moon, you may become aware of a personal habit that no longer serves you. The bad news is extra anxiety (watch for stomach/digestive tract irritation). The good news is if you work on it now, you have an opportunity to heal.

Neptune and Ceres together can be emotionally overwhelming, so remember to stay in the present and just do what you can. For some, this Full Moon will accompany recognition for hard work/attention to detail. Enjoy it!

Those with natal planets or angles from 2º – 9º of the mutable signs will feel this Full Moon strongest, but anyone can tap into the productivity and efficiency of Virgo at this time, especially for self-improvement.


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