Saturn in Sagittarius – 11th House Transit

The 11th house represents friends, groups, and your personal hopes and wishes. Saturn in Sagittarius transiting this house challenges your network of friends, and whether they support you. It can also force you to question whether groups you belong to are in line with your beliefs.

If you have Saturn in your 11th house currently, you likely have Scorpio or Sagittarius on the cusp. Scorpio-cuspers are private about their hopes and wishes, and very loyal when it comes to friends. You’re a friend for life, but once someone betrays you, it’s over for good. Saturn’s presence may cause just an incident to happen, with one or more friends; you can discover that they aren’t as supportive as you thought, or that they have changed. However, new options should become available, in both the friends and the wishes department, if you can focus on realistic options.

Sagittarius-cuspers are popular, have a variety of friends, are generous and fun, and especially love foreign contacts. Saturn’s presence can reveal that your network is thin, perhaps with flaky, unreliable friends that you’ve attracted with your carefree attitude. Or their beliefs are drastically different from your own, and getting on your soapbox gets you kicked out of a group, for example. The challenge is to redefine your own concept of friendship (and personal wishes), and act accordingly to attract people that reflect the new “you.”

For either of you, this transit may see a small-to-drastic change in your network of friends, groups you belong to, and any humanitarian causes you are about. But it can also see a crystallization of some of your highest aspirations into feasible realities. Those that are pipe dreams will dissolve, and those that are possible will begin to develop.


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