The Week Ahead: February 22 – 28

Monday is the Virgo Full Moon, and things could be intense at work. Health and anxiety issues are coming to a head, so people might exhibit psychosomatic illnesses today. Manage your stress levels.

Tuesday the Jupiter-Chiron opposition perfects. People may feel extra sensitive or victimized, and still coming off the Virgo Full Moon vibes. A good day for some extra compassion.

Wednesday the Virgo Moon is void of course from 9:22am (EST) until 5:41pm when it enters Libra, so today is best spend revising/editing current projects. Efforts to start anything new are a waste, at least until the evening. Tonight’s a good one for a mid-week date, or time with a partner.

Thursday morning, Mercury sextiles Saturn: excellent for completing backlogged paperwork, answering email, or any mundane chores. A good day for outlining a new project and delegating responsibilities fairly. Another good evening for social things, like dinner or drinks.

Friday the Libra Moon is void of course from 6:18am (EST) on, so use today to work on existing endeavors, including established relationships. A date with someone new will likely be a one time thing, but with Mercury sextile Uranus in the evening, the conversation will be quite interesting!

Saturday early morning, the Moon enters Scorpio; good for staying inside this weekend, and intense focus/research. Mercury completes a Yod formation with Jupiter at the apex; you may feel compelled to work out the details of a long desired goal. I say strike while the iron’s hot!

Sunday the Pisces Sun joins up with Neptune…what a dreamy morning! Good for anything that requires imagination, inspiration, or a little idyllic romance. Enjoy the movies or a book if you need an escape today, but careful drinking or taking any substance; the hangover will be epic.


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