Mercury enters Pisces

March 5th, Mercury joins the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and the Lunar South Node in Pisces. Mercury is a bit spacey in Pisces, and traditionally in its detriment. Mental processes don’t follow a direct route; Pisces is a stream of consciousness, insight comes via symbols, intuition, dreams, and divine inspiration. Mercury in Pisces can understand without words, communicates through art, and sees the bigger picture.

The Pisces area of your chart is a hotbed right now. Pisces represents the transcendence of the self to become one with the whole. But because of the South Node’s presence, be cautious of negative Pisces traits this season: evasion, complacency, martyrdom. Pisces can’t always handle the real world, and may escape via fantasy and art, or negatively through substance abuse and other vices. It also gets sucked into other people’s negativity like a riptide, and loses its sense of identity.

You can take advantage of Mercury in Pisces through the powers of visualization and inspired creativity. No one can dream up an ideal situation better than this sign, nor has the ability to ignore a less-than-stellar environment. If there is something you would like to see improve, rather than taking the Virgo approach, why not let yourself get lost in the fantasy of what you would rather have and see where those good feelings take you? Pisces goes with the flow, because it somehow knows that ultimately, everything is happening for a reason.

Mercury will be in Pisces through March 21st.


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