Mars enters Sagittarius

March 5th (the same day Mercury enters Pisces), Mars enters Sagittarius. Its energy knows no bounds here, and seeks to broaden horizons. When Mars enters the sign of the archer, the motto is “bigger, better, faster, more.”

Sagittarius is a sign of optimism. Although Saturn is in Sag at the moment, this is the part of your chart you have undying faith that all will work out for the best. It is also where you shoot for the stars. Mars moving through this area promotes physical action: exploration, sport, expansion, sexual escapades. Sag is light and fun-loving sign, but also competitive (depicted by the archer, who has lofty aims). The challenge is to not spread yourself too thin over many possibilities, or become overly promiscuous; fidelity is low on the list of priorities. This transit can expand possibilities in the Sag area of your chart, if you have faith in your own actions.

Mars is in the shadow zone for its upcoming retrograde. It will station retrograde Apr 17 (at 8º SAG) and re-enter Scorpio May 27. That means what you act upon during the next six weeks may require backtracking during that time frame. You will be able to move forward for good once Mars re-enters Sagittarius on Aug 2, and transits 0º – 8º SAG for the third and final time.


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