The Week Ahead: February 29 – March 6

Monday the Scorpio Moon is void of course from 2:45pm (EST) until 6:55pm when it enters Sagittarius, so this afternoon isn’t great for starting new projects. Venus sextiles Saturn, making this Leap Day good for serious (and business) relationships.

Tuesday is the Last Quarter Sagittarius Moon: a good time for closing out projects and plans, and cleaning up, in preparation for the New Moon next week.

Wednesday Venus sextiles Uranus: unpredictable social contacts and weird conversations. A good time for adding someone unusual to your network. Financial risks pay off, as does being original with your appearance.

Thursday Venus activates the Yod formation with Jupiter and Uranus that Mercury did last week, and you may have a newfound desire to act upon whatever unusual, key information was presented over the weekend.

Friday the Capricorn Moon persists, making this great day for hard work, money matters, and other serious concerns. You can get a lot accomplished.

Saturday Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Pisces, and Mars enters Sagittarius. All the changes in energy may be a little jarring, but try to go with the flow. March is upon us, and adaptability is key to handling mutable signs.

Sunday the Sun makes two major aspects: a square to Saturn can make today a downer if you have too much on your plate, and a sextile to Pluto, which gives you the stamina to get the job done. Look for creative solutions, under Aquarius Moon. Also today: Jupiter inconjuncts Uranus.


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