Jupiter’s March Aspects

In March, Jupiter makes three outer-planet aspects from Virgo. This is a big deal! Jupiter expands what it touches, and aspects to slower planets mean changes on a large scale. Jupiter is currently retrograde, so all three will occur again after it has stationed direct (May 9th). You can feel these building from the beginning of March:

On March 6th, Jupiter inconjuncts Uranus (at 18º Aries). Uranus in Aries represents personal freedom, independence, and originality, but it’s unpredictable and can even be violent. The inconjunct is uncomfortable and requires adjustment; this transit may bring awkward feelings or situations. For example, you may not be able to control sudden urges to express your independence at work, which doesn’t fly with your boss or co-workers. This aspect will occur again on August 13th.

On March 16th, Jupiter trines Pluto (at 17º Capricorn). Pluto in Capricorn represents long term evolution of career, business, and traditional structures in your life. The trine is a harmonious aspect, and both planets help each other: Pluto can help Jupiter by giving you self-control in your current diet or exercise regime, or attract powerful people to aid your work. Jupiter helps Pluto by making concrete steps towards long-term goals. Trines are easy but they can pass you by if you don’t take advantage, so put in a little effort. This aspect will occur again on June 26th.

On March 23rd, Jupiter squares Saturn (at 16º Sagittarius). Saturn in Sagittarius represents obstacles and lessons in travel, higher education, legal matters, and your beliefs. Squares mean tension and crisis: you should feel it weeks in advance. A present Saturn-related issue may become even bigger this month, or a serious health issue or work obstacle could crop up. The last time Jupiter squared Saturn was last year on August 3rd (in different signs), so the current crisis may be related to what was going on then. This aspect will occur again on May 26th.


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