March Solar Eclipse

March 8th there is a solar eclipse, at 18º Pisces. This is a supercharged New Moon. You have the opportunity to begin something, but may lack the clarity to define it. This is one transit you’ll do best trusting your gut, because Pisces is jam-packed right now, and operates best on the intuitive level. Have faith in your vision.

Chiron, Ceres, and the Lunar South Node are close to the eclipse. Chiron activates vulnerability, and Ceres represents feelings of loss. The South Node is that which you are moving away from, so ironically, this New Moon may accompany an ending of some sort, like giving up an old addiction, or ending a dysfunctional relationship. You have to say goodbye to start the new, and quit the victim/martyr behavior.

Optimistic Jupiter Rx opposes the eclipse from 18º Virgo, magnifies it, and ups your desire to crystalize boundaries you can’t quite define. Jupiter is with the Lunar North Node, so you may feel that the faster you can clarify details, the sooner you can take the next substantial step on your journey. You’d be right. But first, Pisces requires a sacrifice: it’s the release of the old thing that will propel you forward.

Saturn squares the eclipse from 16º Sagittarius. This is a somber influence; Saturn lists the obstacles to your dream, and it asks for a concrete outline. Your faith may waiver when you can’t provide one just yet. But Saturn also provides some much-needed structure to Pisces, closing doors that aren’t viable options, leading it to realistic choices.

This eclipse is a powerful one, but it won’t be tangible until you give in to the current. Once you trust the tide, you’ll find your feet on the sand. The eclipse is strongest for those with natal planets/angles from 16º – 22º of the Mutable (or Water) signs.


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