The Week Ahead: March 7 – 13

Neptune, Chiron, Ceres, Sun, Mercury, Lunar South Node, Venus, and the New Moon/solar eclipse are all in Pisces this week. Expect increased sensitivity, emotion, imagination, empathy, and intuition. A little backbone helps, too!

In addition, all planets except Uranus and Pluto are in Mutable signs this week. Adaptability and flexibility are high right now, but energy is scattered and spread thin; people may have trouble initiating or sticking to the course.

Monday March 7th, the Moon is void of course from 3:46am to 2:08pm, when it enters Pisces. Hold off new projects until the afternoon.

Tuesday March 8th is the New Moon/solar eclipse at 8:54pm (Moon is void of course from this point on).

Wednesday March 9th, the Moon is void of course until 2:39pm, when it enters Aries. A great afternoon to begin something new.

Thursday March 10th, the Sun conjuncts Chiron at 11:26pm. Sensitivity is high today; people feel vulnerable, and may exhibit escapist or victim/martyr behavior. Also an opportunity for healing old wounds, and showing compassion to others.

Friday March 11th, Sun conjuncts Lunar South Node at 5:35pm. A day to release negativity and quit self-destructive behavior. Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 1:00pm: excellent for creativity and intuition. Moon enters Taurus at 2:43pm.

Saturday March 12th, Venus enters Pisces at 5:23am.

Sunday March 13th, the Moon is void of course from 5:46am to 5:03pm, when it enters Gemini. A good day for revisions or routine work.


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