Horoscopes March 7 – 13

This week’s highlight is a powerful Solar Eclipse in Pisces, involving endings and beginnings. Later in the week, the Pisces energy intensifies as Venus enters Pisces. Right now, the sky is the limit.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something secret or hidden, perhaps an uncomfortable issue is brought to light. But this is your chance to deal with it, quit a self-destructive behavior or addiction, and move forward. Be pragmatic and do what you can right here, right now. Venus enters your hidden sector on Saturday, sweetening dreams and intuition with significant symbolism. Creative projects can benefit if you let your stream of consciousness flow. You may retreat from romance and financial issues, for the next few weeks; just do what feels right for you.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something in your social scene, perhaps a friend needs help, or you have to say goodbye to a person or group. This may involve personal financial limitations, or an intimate partner’s needs that require attention. This gives you an opportunity to focus on your personal creativity and passions, or children, however. Venus enters your social sector on Saturday, adding charm to your social life and social media presence. Perhaps something ended earlier in the week, but a new phase is beginning as well, and you can make great connections.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something in your professional life, perhaps a major change finally goes into effect, or you have to complete a phase. This ending may be caused by pressure from your spouse or business partner, but regardless, it gives you an opportunity to expand your life at home, with family. Venus enters your career sector on Saturday, adding charm to your professional life and connections with superiors. Things may be changing on the career front, but your image looks stellar right now, and you can make some useful professional contacts.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates an opportunity, perhaps related to travel plans, a legal matter, or higher education. You may have to give up one possibility in order to make way for another, due to the limitations of every day life or a health restriction. Whatever happens, take stock of the facts and articulate what you want. Venus enters your opportunities sector on Saturday, making foreign travel or culture extra attractive (and perhaps a person from a different culture). You have charm when it comes to legal or educational matters, so go with the flow for the next few weeks.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something in your shared resources or with an intimate partner; perhaps a debt, tax, or joint finance issue comes to light. Alternatively, you may begin or end a physically intimate relationship. Whatever happens, this is a chance to increase your self-worth through attention to finances and your physical needs. Venus enters your shared resource sector on Saturday, giving you a sweet boost in dealing with loans, taxes, and joint finances. It also increases your desire for physical or emotional intimacy with a partner, over the next few weeks.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates your personal and business partnerships. You may be saying goodbye or hello, but either way, you’ll have to end an old way of life. Your home life or family may be standing in the way, or even the cause of the change. Ultimately, the partnership start or finish is about your needs. Venus enters your partnership sector on Saturday, increasing your charm to potential (or existing) partners, and upping your desire to be part of a committed relationship over the next few weeks, to the point that you’re willing to make personal sacrifices. 


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates your work and health habits and routines. A solution can appear to a chronic, everyday issue, but it may require you to quit something habitual. You may be foiled/prompted by the details of paperwork, contract, or official document. Not everything is clear right now, but use your intuition; it will guide you to the right place. Venus enters your routine sector on Saturday, increasing your charm with co-workers and making a routine or habit change easier. You can benefit from a little pampering and relaxation, over the next few weeks.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something with a creative project, your children, or a romance. There could be a completion and recognition for it, ending this phase and beginning a new one. Personal assets or your physical/security needs may force you into it. Whatever happens, you can find support from friends once you realize it’s not all about you. Venus enters your self-expression sector on Saturday, boosting your creativity by a million! Over the next few weeks, spend time with your children or your lover, and prepare for inspiration in your hobbies and passions.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something regarding home and/or family. This can be a great time to recognize a destructive behavior you still have due to past conditioning, and then quit it! You are challenged to make it about you, rather than cling to your past. Letting go of old family stuff can allow for growth in your professional life and image. Venus enters your domestic sector Saturday, and despite (or because of) what happens during the eclipse, you can have great times with family, over the next few weeks. Use this opportunity to prettify your home and domestic life.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates information through a letter, email, or conversation, maybe with a neighbor or sibling. It might be hard to accept, because it brings up things you don’t openly acknowledge. But clearing up the little things in your environment can allow you to move towards bigger, even far-away opportunities. Venus enters your communication sector on Saturday, giving your words charm and appeal, and infusing sibling or neighbor relationships with good feelings. Over the next few weeks, you are able to get people on your side using your words.


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse activates something in your personal assets, real estate, or a security issue. You may have to let something go you’ve been clinging to that no longer serves, in order to make way for something materially better. Social pressure or “what others think” could push you into release, or prevent you moving forward. But dealing with your own assets can ultimately lead to a better debt, tax, or shared funds situation, and letting go of insecurities can lead you to intimacy with another. Venus enters your asset sector Saturday; you can attract money and sex!


Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse is in your sign, supercharging your life and opening doors. You may feel pressured by professional goals (or your boss) to be realistic and maintain structure. However, this is your time to break down personal barriers and let go of self destructive behavior, which will in turn propel you to expansion within a partnership. Just go where your gut tells you. Venus enters your sign on Saturday, and you are charming and graceful over the next few weeks, attracting the right people and situations. Just stay positive, and the universe will do the rest!


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