Gemini First Quarter Moon

March 15th, the Moon reaches its first quarter, in the sign of Gemini. This is the halfway point between the Pisces Solar Eclipse on the 8th, and the Libra Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd. The Gemini first quarter Moon represents a quickening of ideas. This is the next phase, on the way to a Full Moon culmination.

The same day, two aspects are made by Gemini’s ruler, Mercury in Pisces:

Mercury sextiles Pluto (at 2:58am EST). This helpful aspect adds the power and structure of Pluto in Capricorn to Mercury’s thoughts and ideas, which can be hard to articulate in Pisces. Your fantasy will begin to take definitive, rational form, and you can also see the steps it will take to make it into a reality.

Mercury opposes Jupiter (at 5:41am). Jupiter magnifies details in the sign of Virgo. It puts pressure on intuitive Mercury with this hard aspect, to categorize and also classify information. An opposition is like a tug-of-war, and Jupiter is a large but happy opponent! This aspect can actually help you to define the small, attainable details of your vision, and point out what could use some improvement.

This phase is about gathering information, and letting your curiosity grow. Now is a great time to collect bits and pieces of research on the internet, talking to the people around you, and getting inquisitive about your passion. You are moving out of the dark and into the light when you go from Pisces to Gemini: away from subjective and intuitive feelings, toward objective and rational thinking.

A large goal is easier when you break it down into small, bite-sized pieces, even if you’re not quite ready to jump into action. If you feel a bit scattered and like you are juggling too much information to act, wait until the beginning of Aries season, on March 20th. That will be when the inspiration to act comes upon you!


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