The Week Ahead: March 14 – 20

A day-to-day list of astrological transits for the week ahead: March 14 – 20.

This coming week is all about expansion. The Moon waxes, reaching first quarter, which marks its halfway point between the March solar and lunar eclipses. This is the time to build upon new endeavors. Jupiter trines Pluto, a positive, flowing aspect that has been building all month. Make progress on long term goals and work out the details. Finally, Sun’s Aries ingress marks the vernal equinox, and spring begins!

The Week Ahead: March 14 – 20

All times listed are EST.

Monday March 14th, Mercury squares Saturn (3:25pm) making today a challenge for mental processes. Venus squares Mars (4:47pm), making relationships challenging as well. Perhaps you should just stay at home, under the covers? Kidding, but take it easy today!

Tuesday March 15th is the Gemini first quarter Moon. This morning is superb for mental processes, unlike yesterday: communication, logic, writing, speaking, email, and short trips are all facilitated. The Moon is void of course from 1:02pm – 8:56pm, so during that time frame it’s best to work on existing projects, including edits. Tonight, Moon enters nurturing and sensitive Cancer, through Friday morning.

Wednesday March 16th, Jupiter trines Pluto. This harmonious aspect has been building for weeks and culminates today (4:05pm), promoting work, business, and anything having to do with the material world. The more focused on details you are, the better things become.

Thursday March 17th, Mercury conjuncts Chiron (9:27am), and your words have compassion and sensitivity or you can play the victim, your choice. Mercury conjuncts Lunar South Node (2:09pm) as well, so be extra careful of not falling back on the martyr act!

Friday March 18th, the Moon enters Leo at 3:54am. This weekend, romance, generosity, and pride are key under the Lion’s influence. . . good for spending time with your lover, or having fun with the kids.

Saturday March 19th, the Leo Moon is void of course from 4:42pm until Sunday at 1:44pm. This isn’t a great evening for starting new projects or for going on a date. Your time is better spent on existing endeavors, and spending time with established friends/family.

Sunday March 20th, the vernal equinox occurs when the Sun enters Aries (12:29am). The void of course Moon ends at 1:44pm, when Moon enters Virgo, making it a great afternoon for some spring cleaning, perhaps. Or, do something imaginative; Venus conjunct Neptune (1:44pm) is great for creativity and love.


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