Horoscopes March 14 – 20


Jupiter is upgrading daily work and health situations in your routine sector, and Pluto is slowly transforming your professional goals. On Wednesday, the two are in harmony, and you can gain headway on long-term career objectives through attention to details. Pluto also adds power to your mundane work details, and your diet and exercise routine. Sunday, the Sun enters your sign, giving you some much needed vivaciousness and energy! Time for new beginnings and getting back to your assertive self. You may get some bright ideas on a new look, or hairstyle.


Jupiter is improving creative projects/hobbies and relationships with children and lovers in your self expression sector. Pluto is slowly changing your approach to education, travel, and law. On Wednesday, the two help each other: if you can pay attention to concrete details in your creative projects, broader opportunities will become more tangible. Pluto also adds magnetism to the areas you shine in, and can even attract some passion. Sunday, the Sun enters your hidden sector, highlighting subjects you don’t typically acknowledge. It helps to meditate.


Jupiter is putting the magnifying glass on domestic issues, including home projects and family members, and Pluto is slowly changing how you approach intimacy and financial debts. On Wednesday, the two work together; home upgrades and domestic changes are powerfully supported, and attention to a home budget can help pay off debts. You can also change your own past conditioning. The Sun enters your social sector Sunday, and you can distance yourself from career stuff, gain broader perspective, and enjoy socializing with friends, groups, and on social media.


Jupiter is presently upgrading how effectively you communicate and articulate yourself, and Pluto is slowly transforming relationships. On Wednesday, the two can work together for some powerful, open discussions with a partner. You may be able to make some road-trip travel plans together. Also, a partner greatly can help you with a speaking or writing project. Sunday, the Sun enters your career sector, giving you some newfound gusto on the professional front. You can be a bit bolder, and freshen up your professional image at this time.


Jupiter is currently upgrading your self-worth, including how you deal with personal assets, and Pluto is slowly transforming your daily life (work and health routines). Wednesday, the two can work together to give you a powerful boost in confidence; perhaps your new diet or exercise regime is improving how you value yourself, or a new work opportunity allows for increased income. On Sunday, the Sun lightens your load when it enters your sector of opportunities, pushing you towards possibilities, foreign cultures, and higher education, and away the heavy stuff.


Jupiter (in your sign) is expanding your personal self-improvement goals, especially concerning your body, appearance, and esteem, and Pluto is slowly transforming how you express yourself via creative projects and with your children. Wednesday, the two work together to allow for some serious confidence. You can feel good about where a creative project is headed, a situation involving your kids, or a potential challenge that you found solutions to. On Sunday, the Sun enters your intimacy and shared resources sector, putting a spotlight on debts or sexual issues.


Jupiter moving through your hidden sector has been a guardian angel, giving you luck out of nowhere, when you need it. Pluto is slowly transforming your domestic life and family issues. Wednesday, the two work together to give you some unseen benefits if you run into family issues, or home improvements that aren’t going smoothly. Sunday, the Sun enters your relationship sector, giving you confidence and enthusiasm in your partnership. You can benefit from a little assertiveness in this area, always! If things have been stale on this front, fresh air is coming.


Jupiter is upgrading your network of friends and public social life, and Pluto is slowly transforming how you communicate and articulate yourself. On Wednesday, the two work together to give you a powerful boost, especially if you have to speak to a group or communicate with a wide audience (such as through social media). On Sunday, the Sun enters your routine sector, and it’s back to focusing on the daily grind (work and health routines). However, the fresh, initiating Aries energy can give you newfound enthusiasm in these mundane areas, and sudden ideas.


Jupiter is upgrading the details of your career and professional image, and Pluto is slowly transforming your relationship with money. On Wednesday, they work together to give you magnetism with the boss; this is a great time to ask for a raise, or get a promotion you feel worthy of (that will in turn bring in more funds). On Sunday, the Sun enters your creativity sector, and you feel newfound passion towards hobbies, projects, and self-expression. Get out and have fun with the kids! This coming month is a good time to start a new romance (you can initiate it).


Jupiter is currently improving your options for expanding horizons, especially concerning legal matters, travel overseas, and higher education. Pluto (in your sign) is slowly transforming your sense of self, and body/appearance related issues. Wednesday, the two work together to present an opportunity or improvement that will broaden your horizons! On Sunday, the Sun enters your domestic sector, and you have some fresh energy to work on home and family related matters. If you have been thinking about a project, now’s the time to initiate.


Jupiter is improving shared financial situations (like debts) and intimate relationships. Pluto is slowly transforming subconscious and private matters. On Wednesday, the two working together can give you profound insight into psychological issues, and you can go from there. You may have some private insights to a tax, debt, or shared-money issue as well. Sunday, the Sun enters your communications sector, sparking ideas and bold words (or writing). You can take advantage of this fresh, initiating energy and interact with the world around you, no holds barred.


Jupiter is improving the details of your partnerships, and Pluto is slowly transforming your social network and groups. On Wednesday, the two work together to grow a friendship into a stable relationship perhaps, or an existing partner can open up new social connections. Social media may be involved. On Sunday, the Sun enters your personal assets sector, and you have newfound initiative to act upon ideas and materialize them. If you feel more assertive, great! Let it boost your self-worth, and help you attract some new financial resources into your life.


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