The Week Ahead: March 21 – 27

Monday March 21, Mercury enters Aries (8:18pm), joining the Sun and initiating energy, new ideas, and an assertive attitude. Mercury is communication/thinking, and in Aries it is competitive and direct (even confrontational at times).

Tuesday March 22, Virgo Moon is void of course all day (starting Mon 11:54pm). This is a great day for organizing, revising the details of existing projects, or making minor adjustments in your diet/exercise regime, rather than start something new.

Wednesday March 23, Moon enters Libra at 1:23am. Jupiter square Saturn perfects (6:16am), the Lunar Eclipse occurs at 8:00am. The Sun/Mercury meet up in Aries (4:10pm). This is a lot of combustable energy and people will be blowing off steam – especially with partners. Be forewarned!

Thursday March 24, Chiron conjuncts South Node (1:11am). This Pisces season has been heavy, and Chiron (old wounds) conjunct South Node (what needs release) prompts letting go of pain/self-destructive behavior. Mercury trine Mars (6:43am) helps with honesty and direct communication/action, when necessary. The Libra Moon is void of course from 4:55pm until Friday, March 25 at 2:08pm.

Friday March 25, Saturn stations retrograde at 6:01am. Venus makes two major aspects today: she opposes Jupiter (7:57am) and squares Saturn (12:47pm). This T-square formation can magnify a financial or relationship detail that requires attention. Moon enters Scorpio at 2:08pm.

Saturday March 26, the Sun trines Mars (6:31am), making it a great day for taking action, and physical exertion, especially competitive sports. Venus sextiles Pluto (7:11am) which is nice for focusing on a loved one or concentrating on finances.

Sunday March 27, the Scorpio Moon is void of course from 3:25am until it enters Sagittarius on Monday, March 28 (2:46am). Use today to deepen an existing intimate relationship, or for intense research on an existing project.


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