Saturn Stations Retrograde

On March 25, Saturn stations retrograde at 16º Sagittarius. It will appear to move backwards in the sky until August 13, when it will station direct again. The area Saturn is transiting in your chart is where you are urged to face reality, and pick the most viable options for growth (Sag). The retrograde will prompt you to make sense of the wisdom you’ve gained so far, in your experiences with this transit.

Saturn retrograde is an intense, internal review of the lessons you’ve been learning. It is a temporary pause in Saturn’s direct influence, during which some road blocks can be lifted, however the change in direction can also bring other limitations to light. Because Sagittarius is a sign of multiples, you have been restricted to work on viable choices, and pushed to discard the ones that aren’t realistic. Now it’s time to take a step back, consider what you’ve learned, and do some fine-tuning.

Saturn is about halfway through its transit through Sagittarius. You should have a pretty good idea by now of where your current challenges lie, what options to hone in on, and which ones are no longer feasible. I have published a whole series on Saturn in Sag through the 12 houses, and I’d recommend reading the posts that corresponds to the natal house(s) Saturn is currently transiting in your chart, especially if you feel you could still use some guidance.

Once Saturn stations retrograde

(and through August 13)…it’s time to take stock of commitments, and look inward to make sure you’re on the right track. From 9º – 16º Sag (and the Mutable signs) is the zone to focus on, especially if you have natal planets, angles, or Lunar Nodes in this region, because if so the retrograde can prompt a change in circumstances, or reveal an unforeseen hitch. Natal points in this region will be aspected by Saturn multiple times, which means several chances to get it right.

You’ll be pushed to reconsider what you’ve committed yourself to, particularly since mid-December 2015 (when Saturn first entered the retrograde zone), and what your other present options are, if any. Keep in mind that this is an optimal time to make any necessary adjustments to your vision, not to scrap it entirely!


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