Chiron conjunct South Node

March 24 will see the culmination of Chiron conjunct South Node, at 21º Pisces. This aspect, which has been slowly and quietly building all month, may be hard to distinguish from the rest of the fish soup, but is likely at the heart of the discomfort you can’t put your finger on. It is a call to let go of something painful in your past.

Chiron represents an old wound, and in Pisces it often indicates victim mentality or martyr behavior. The Lunar South Node represents what you need to release so that you can move forward on your journey. Coming together for the first time since 2001, Chiron conjunct South Node is dredging up any vulnerability you still carry, opening old wounds so you can finally transcend the pain.

The asteroid Ceres, which represents the death/birth cycle, is also at 21º Pisces. Ceres adds mothering issues to the mix: nurturing, loss, and trauma. Past pain that involved your mother or children, or any relationship in which you felt abandoned, rise to the surface. In Pisces, you play the victim and the martyr, and seek escape from the harshness of reality, whether you felt abused or were the abuser.

This trio – South Node, Chiron, and Ceres – was involved in the Solar Eclipse on the 8th, and this is a push to release what was brought to the surface at that time. If you felt ambiguity about what to begin, now it’s becoming clear what needs to end. Because we are coming off the heels of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra (today), an imbalanced relationship may be involved: either one in your present, or one from your past that continues to hold shackles around you. It could be the poor relationship you have with yourself, if you suffer from addiction or guilt.

If you have anything around 21º Pisces (or the Mutable signs) this is a pivotal point, where something major will be dissolved. As subtle and strange as this Pisces-heavy time has been, do not underestimate its power; you may not logically understand the subconscious changes at work, but they are still having a major affect. Pisces is frustratingly intangible – like water slipping through your fingers – but it’s also the ultimate finality. Remember, eventually the ocean erodes everything.


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