The Week Ahead: March 28 – April 3

Monday March 28, the Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:46am.

Tuesday March 29, Mercury in Aries makes two aspects: an inconjunct w/Jupiter Rx at 15º Virgo (2:35pm), uncomfortable energy between fast thinking/speaking and detailed work that will require a compromise, and a trine w/Saturn Rx at 16º Sagittarius (11:01pm), which effortlessly gives your thoughts and words good sense, structure, and authority. Venus in Pisces joins Lunar South Node at 21º (6:17pm), and feelings of victimization or escapism may come up.

Moon in Sagittarius is void of course from 9:54pm until it enters Capricorn on Wednesday, March 30, at 1:44pm.

Wednesday March 30, Venus joins Chiron at 22º Pisces (5:07am). Old wounds, or feelings of vulnerability may arise in relationships. Mercury squares Pluto at 17º Capricorn (10:53am): tense energy that may reach a crisis between authority figures/bureaucracies and your ability to be efficient or effective.

Thursday March 31, Capricorn Moon reaches last quarter (11:16am). Mercury joins Uranus at 19º Aries (4:49pm): thoughts/words are infused with innovation, objectivity, and originality. Scientific/logical thought and technology are emphasized.

Friday April 1, Mercury is inconjunct Lunar North Node at 21º Virgo (12:45pm): discomfort between your thoughts/words and moving forward on your path; you may have to compromise between doing it quickly or doing what you know is right.

Moon in Capricorn is void of course from 12:39pm until it enters Aquarius at 9:37pm.

Saturday April 2 (no major aspects).

Sunday April 3, the Aquarius Moon is void of course from 7:15pm until it enters Pisces on Monday, April 4, at 1:45am.


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