Aries Sun Aspects

From April 4th – 9th
, the Aries Sun aspects many outer planets, and joins the Moon for the new Lunar cycle. The hot spot is 15º – 20º Aries. If you have anything natal/progressed between these degrees of the Cardinal signs (or any signs mentioned below), big changes may be in store. Because the slow planets are in close range of one another, each Sun transit (including the New Moon) re-activates aspects between them. We have a big week ahead!

April 4th: Sun inconjunct Jupiter Rx in Virgo (15º). Jupiter is expanding and magnifying details of new projects and endeavors. This aspect asks hasty Aries Sun to slow down and get the small stuff perfect. Being an initiator who leaves the details to someone else, Aries Sun in uncomfortable with this process, yet somewhat enthusiastic once it has begun. Because Jupiter is retrograde, whatever’s under the magnifying glass may involve your past.

April 5th: Sun trine Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (16º). When Saturn and Sun work in tandem, you benefit from elders’ wisdom, and receive aid from traditional structures. It could involve the law, an educational institution, or someone foreign. You receive recognition for achievements, and gladly take on new responsibilities. Because Saturn is currently retrograde, you benefit from mentors from your past, or receive attention for old accomplishments.

Jupiter is in range of a square with Saturn, so the two aspects above can hit upon issues with work/health. You can take new action (Aries) towards them.

April 6th: Sun square Pluto in Capricorn (17º). Pluto represents the powers that be, and a square is a clash. Your personal objectives and ego needs (Sun in Aries) are at odds with authority figures in control (Pluto in Capricorn). Even if there isn’t any specific person suppressing you, such as your boss or a bureaucracy, you can find yourself up against a threatening situation. The ultimate goal is to take power back. This energy influences the April 7th New Moon, below.

April 7th: New Moon in Aries (18º). When Sun meets Moon, it represents a fresh start, because it’s the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. Aries is especially significant because the Ram is associated with conception, initiative, and inspired action. This is the first New Moon after the March eclipses, during which time we cleared out our energetic closets and released what has been stored in our subconscious over the last six months. This Aries New Moon is a time to think about yourself and your own, personal needs, and may involve sudden action (see aspect below).

April 9th: Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries (20º). Uranus adds originality and independence, two things the Ram already loves. When these two meet up, Aries creativity borders on genius, but its impulsivity and anger become unpredictable, as well. A conjunction is unified energy, so your conscious will takes on Uranian qualities; you are the eccentric, unstable factor. You can act on selfish needs suddenly, and break from the group or change your course in a single decisive moment.


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