April 2016 Numberscopes

To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, then reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th. So I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+6) = 4 + 4 + 9 = 17. 1 + 7 = 8. I am in a personal 8 year, so I would scroll down to number 8 to read what’s in store!


If you are in a personal 1 year, then April is a personal 5 month for you. This is the halfway point in a nine month cycle, and will likely shake you up like a snow globe. Major changes in direction can happen, with random coincidences and exciting opportunities coming your way. The best approach is flexibility; the less of a tight grip you have, the better. Just go with the flow, and pick which invites you accept based on your future goals. Although you do want to try a few new things (this is a year of newness), be careful not to shirk your responsibilities, and take caution in overspending or gambling. Don’t get carried away in arguments.


If you are in a personal 2 year, then April is a personal 6 month for you. This is a month for sharing love, but it also brings responsibilities to the forefront. Although this is a great opportunity for some good times and even romance, you may begin to feel spread thin if you let yourself be pulled in too many directions, helping out others. Have patience, and make sure you are diplomatic and tactful when dealing with people, because you may be called upon as a mediator this month. The challenge here is to find balance, especially give and take in all of your relationships, and to notice which ones have an imbalance.


If you are in a personal 3 year, then April is a personal 7 month for you. This is a time for retreat and as much solitude as you can get, because you’re being challenged to find your center. You may be tempted to be out with others, but try to keep it to small groups, and stay away from gossip this month. This is a great time for planning out the rest of your year, and writing out your objectives in all areas of life. You have a year of expansion ahead of you, so make sure you’re certain of the direction you are taking. This is also a good time for yoga, getting out in nature, meditation, and taking care of your body, in general.


If you are in a personal 4 year, then April is a personal 8 month for you. This month is about finances, and you can see recognition and rewards in April. You may just as easily decide to purchase a big-ticket item, however, or make some larger business related investments. The bottom line is that this month will likely see a higher volume of money both in and out of your life, and you will have to be practical and work for it. Read any contracts carefully, and don’t skip any steps; this isn’t a gambling vibe. Try to remain positive this month, even when you feel challenged, because an 8 month can get too serious and stressful.


If you are in a personal 5 year, then April is a personal 9 month for you. It brings a conclusion of some sort, because you are finishing up a cycle. You may not yet even realize who or what is saying goodbye, because things have a way of sneaking up on you in a 5 year! If and when you get emotional in April, just remember to go with the flow and not hold on with a tight grip. Something is ending to free you from the shackles of the past, and let you move into a new, exciting cycle without dead weight. People may pop up from your past this month, so make your peace, and use this time to clean out your closets.


If you are in a personal 6 year, then April is a personal 1 month for you. New beginnings are happening for you on the domestic front: family, home, and personal commitments. You are beginning a new cycle, and although you have been concerned about others’ needs this year, now is the time to assert your independence and take care of yourself. A new relationship can begin this month, or a home renovation project, something that will carry you through the rest of the year. You may also see an increase in other responsibilities, such as work/business opportunities, even if friends and family come first. Busy busy!


If you are in a personal 7 year, then April is a personal 11/2 month for you. This may be a confusing time, because you’ll be required to work with a group or in a partnership, despite the pull towards solitude. In addition, your ego takes a backseat in April, and your personal efforts may go unrecognized as others take the limelight. Patience and acceptance are key, right now, even if you feel like you’re in an emotional haze. Your intuition is highly attuned to your environment in April, so observe the world around you, but take care not to become negative or discouraged. Recharge your batteries often, through rest and meditation.


If you are in a personal 8 year, then April is a personal 3 month for you. Enjoy this month, because it’s an opportunity to lighten up and experience joy in a “serious” year. You have a chance to expand creatively and brainstorm in April, and to decide what you want to achieve this year, because you are starting to realize you can succeed. Socializing, expressing warmth, and enjoying life can take you far this month; don’t underestimate the power of a positive attitude. People hold keys to your expansion, so network, and make an effort to share joy. Showing others your confidence in yourself assures them that you’re worth it.


If you are in a personal 9 year, then April is a personal 4 month for you. This is a time to work, and you’ll have to address mundane details, such as paperwork and budgets that need organizing, repairs around the house or at work, and the little things that you’d probably rather put off! Bear down and do the work. You’re putting structures and systems into place so that you’ll be freed up from thinking about them later. This is the perfect time for a thorough spring cleaning; recycle, trash, or donate items which no longer serve you in practical way. Put a little work into relationships that have suffered from neglect, too.


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