Venus enters Aries

On April 5th, Venus joins the Sun in Aries, and things get feisty and impulsive when it comes to relationships. This ingress is great for those looking to make a fresh start in love or finances, and adds an element of daring that was missing during the Pisces season. Now is the time to take charge, go out on a limb, and make the first move…when Venus enters Aries, excitement is in the air!

Transiting Venus represents how we feel about relationships at the moment, and that includes the one with ourselves. Venus expresses herself in two ways, represented by the two zodiac signs she rules: personal needs (Taurus) and relationships with others (Libra). Your personal needs represent the relationship you have with you; how much you value yourself, and therefore what you attract into your life, including material things like money. Relationships with others are actually a direct reflection of this internal self-worth, because they represent how you treat others and allow yourself to be treated.

Aries is not a traditionally great placement for Venus, but that’s ok – every planet/sign combo has its perks – and this transit brings out a lot of positive qualities in people, along with some challenges. Aries love and friendship is a bit rough, because Mars (planet/God of war) is the ram’s natural ruler. This Venus expression is the “I love you so much I want to squeeze you to death!” kind of affection. Not for everyone! But it’s also very forthcoming, exciting, and honest. Aries Venus gets its charm from its open demeanor, positive outlook, and direct approach. It’s also a very physical, passionate expression of Venus.

During this transit, you can take initiative when it comes to relationships. If there’s someone you’ve been scoping out, but were too shy to approach during Pisces season, you’ll feel that Aries assertiveness. You can also use this time to establish new friendships. Take charge in finances, and be aggressive (but careful with impulsive purchases!). Do something bold with your look. Be honest and open with others. Aries is courageous, but can suffer from brashness and an inability to pick up on social cues. If you rush in headfirst before thinking, act overly selfish, or start battling people you care about…cool your jets!

Venus will be in Aries until April 29th, when it enters Taurus.


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