The Week Ahead: April 4 – 10

Monday April 4th, the Sun is inconjunct Jupiter Rx, and you may feel frustration when small details fall under the magnifying glass. You will have to compromise between impatience to move quickly, and the urge to get things perfect.

Tuesday April 5th, Venus enters Aries and Mercury enters Taurus. Although change is in the air today, the Pisces Moon is void of course from 6:33am until early Wednesday morning, so save new projects for another day. Sun trines Saturn Rx and you can receive recognition for hard work and help from elders.

Wednesday April 6thSun squares Pluto and you may experience a clash with the boss, or control issues when an authority clamps down on your personal goals. The Moon enters Aries at 2:45am.

Thursday April 7th is the New Moon in Aries (conjunct Uranus). Sudden and unexpected starts and disruptions accompany this New Moon, but let your new ideas percolate until tomorrow: the Moon is void of course from 10:56am on.

Friday April 8th, the Moon enters Taurus (2:10am). Tonight, enjoy a good meal and bottle of wine, surrounded by the comforts of home and family.

Saturday April 9th, the Sun joins Uranus in Aries, so be cautious of erratic behavior and sudden anger, but take advantage of the independence and originality this aspect brings. The Moon is void of course from 5:49am on, so today isn’t the day for initiating new projects.

Sunday April 10th is slightly disjointed, with two inconjuncts: Mercury to Mars and Sun to the Lunar North Node. These energies will require adjustment and compromise, so take it easy if you feel out of sorts today. The Moon enters Gemini at 1:58am.


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