Mercury enters Taurus

On April 5th, Mercury enters Taurus (just hours after Venus enters Aries). This is a big change, as the planet of communication has to slow its role considerably, when leaving Aries. If you’ve noticed people being a bit more selfish, argumentative, and quick to make decisions while Mercury has been in Mars-ruled Aries (since March 21st), all that will soon change. In Venus-ruled Taurus, Mercury expresses itself more slowly and rationally, yet retains authenticity.

Mercury represents how we process information and interact with our immediate world. It rules over rational thought processes, learning, communication (verbal, written, typed, etc.), and traveling within the community. While it transits Taurus, we tend to think and speak at a slower, more deliberate pace. This is a Fixed Earth sign, so people’s reasoning become stubborn, resolute, and focused on reality (rather than possibilities or theories). Like Aries, Taurus is one of the early zodiac sign, so it is candid but tends to be self-centered in nature.

Mercury stations retrograde later this month (April 28th) in Taurus, which I will write more about as we get closer to that date. For now, be aware that Taurus represents the material side of Venus, which is money. When Mercury turns around it will move backward between 23º – 14º Taurus, and issues with business and finances will experience breakdowns. It helps to start paying attention to these areas now (especially from April 14th on, when Mercury enters the retrograde shadow zone), particularly any paperwork and contracts involved.

Mercury will be in Taurus until June 12th, when it enters Gemini.


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