New Moon in Aries

April 7th
, there is a New Moon in Aries (18º). This brand new Lunar phase is the fresh start many of you have been waiting for, because it bursts forth with the energy of the Ram. There is much emphasis on action and independence during an Aries New Moon, but this particular one is complicated by several aspects with the outer planets; specifically, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn.

Although Aries season technically began back in March, there were a plethora of planets, asteroids, and nodes still in Pisces, which somewhat dampened the fiery energy of the first days of spring. However, with Venus entering Aries earlier in the week (on the 5th), initiating Cardinal energy is stronger, and this New Moon can be your first step towards the new you. Hopefully during Pisces season you released some emotional pain from the past, and your load is lighter.

Aspects the Aries Sun makes this week are involved in the New Moon, particularly, a conjunction with Uranus (at 20º Aries) accompanies this transit. This means unexpected disruptions, sudden ideas and developments, and aggressive action. If you don’t embrace this radical, against-the-grain energy by marching to your own beat, you’ll still experience it via chaos in your surroundings. The violence of this New Moon in Aries is exaggerated by a square with Pluto (at 17º Capricorn). Pluto represents survival, power, and revolution, and butted up against Aries, things get primal; there is an instinctual drive towards what you feel you need to do. Not much thinking involved!

Luckily, a trine with Saturn Rx (at 16º Sagittarius) helps out the unstable Ram Moon by providing support and structure from pre-existing rules, that you can lean back on when things get crazy. This is also a good focal point for all that raw energy: is there a limitation or restriction you’d like to remove? Now may be the chance you’ve been waiting for. Assistance from those who are wiser helps, too.

Those with natal or progressed planets, angles, or nodes between 16º – 20º of the Cardinal and Fire signs will feel this New Moon the strongest.


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