Horoscopes April 4 – 10


Venus enters your sign on Tuesday, and you can enjoy the power of your own brand of attraction: feisty and genuine! Mercury enters your security sector same day, so what you attract has do with where your thoughts and words are newly focused: earned income, property, personal needs, and self-worth. Thursday’s New Moon in your sign begins a new chapter, and with a bang! You’ll feel excited or anxious with electric Uranus in your sign, and Pluto drives you towards action based on gut-instinct. What you’re striving for has to do with Saturn’s area: profession, business, legal matters, and educational goals.


Venus enters your hidden sector on Tuesday, and you start paying attention to secret or subconscious desires. Mercury enters your sign the same day, so you will be able to articulate what you want more clearly, and with stronger conviction. Thursday’s New Moon in your hidden sector illuminates a possibility that was previously in your blind spot. Uranus close by means that realizations can be sudden and electric, and Pluto adds secrecy and self-control to an already private issue. What you want may involve Saturn in your intimacy sector: emotional connection, sex, or action on shared resource (debt/tax) issues.


Venus enters your social sector on Tuesday, and your desire to make new friends, or go out on a limb with a new network contact, will increase. Mercury enters your hidden sector same day, and (for once) you may be speechless…is that even possible? Articulation becomes a challenge, and information is hidden from you (gossip may arise). Thursday’s New Moon in your social sector can spur a new connection, an unexpected attraction in a friend, or an unexpected happening on social media. Uranus ensures a disruption is involved in your social circle, and Saturn indicates an established partnership may be involved. 


Venus enters your career sector on Tuesday, and your career opportunities and professional contacts are infused with charm, especially if you promote yourself. Same day, Mercury enters your social sector, meaning you can gain information through networking and groups of friends. Your public image is heightened right now, so make the most of it! Thursday’s New Moon in your career sector can mean an abrupt new beginning on the professional front, either with your actual job, an authority figure, or your career image. A relationship with a co-worker can anchor you during turbulent times, as well as your personal health routine.


Venus enters your opportunity sector on Tuesday, and you can attract new windows for growth or romance, particularly in the areas of travel, education, publishing, and law. Same day, Mercury enters your career sector, helping you to think practically and realistically about professional matters (which may be assisted by what you attract). Thursday’s New Moon in your opportunity sector means travel plans or legal matters can take an unexpected turn, or you can have an unforeseen chance to expand. Saturn helping from your self-expression sector means your anchor lies your children, or a creative project.


Venus enters your shared resource sector on Tuesday, and you can attract a whole new level of intimacy with a partner, as well as financial assistance. Same day, Mercury enters your opportunity sector, helping you to methodically organize what you’re doing in an area of growth (especially travel, education, or legal matters). Thursday’s New Moon in your shared resource sector means unpredictable developments in a shared financial issue (think debts, taxes, and partner’s funds), or an equally sudden intimate relationship (think sexy!). Saturn anchors you with duties to home and family.


Venus enters your partnership sector on Tuesday, and you can use your charms to make a fresh start in personal (or business) relationship. Same day, Mercury enters your shared resource sector, helping you to think practically about financial issues (debts, taxes, partner’s funds), and also communicate your needs within an intimate relationship. Thursday’s New Moon in your partnership sector means sudden happenings within the context of a relationship. You can take the reigns – something you typically lack the gusto for! – and initiate change with another. Saturn ensures you communicate clearly and with integrity.


Venus enters your routine sector on Tuesday, and you can charm people at work with a positive, assertive attitude. Same day, Mercury enters your relationship sector, helping you to think and speak practically with a partner. Now is a great time to express your needs within relationships (including co-workers). Thursday’s New Moon in your routine sector may mean a new job or an unexpected change at work, and sudden improvements in health and fitness issues. Pluto adds power to this Moon involving shared information, and Saturn anchors you by reminding you of your existing financial considerations.


Venus enters your self-expression sector on Tuesday, and you can pump up the charm with a new love interest by flaunting exactly who you are, no facade. Same day, Mercury enters your routine sector, and practical matters take over your mind, concerning health, fitness, work, and personal habitsThursday’s New Moon in your self-expression sector can mean a sudden development with a new romance, or involving pregnancy/children. You may take a gamble and wind up in the spotlight for your talents. Although there’s nervous or exciting energy involved, remember to stay focused on long-term objectives.


Venus enters your domestic sector on Tuesday, and you can make a new start on the home front, perhaps involving a new decor project or family activity. Same day, Mercury enters your self-expression sector, and you can speak frankly and practically about your needs to a new love interest, or with your children. Likewise, a creative project can now be considered as a potential money-maker. Thursday’s New Moon in your domestic sector means sudden disruptions at home or with family, and with Uranus’s involvement, tradition goes out the window. If there are arguments or changes about, use your intuition.


Venus enters your communication sector on Tuesday, giving your words charm and appeal. Same day, Mercury enters your domestic sector, and you can think practically about home and family related matters. If you are looking into a home business, you can gain insight right now. Thursday’s New Moon in your communication sector brings an unexpected bit of information, or unpredictable argument. You can gain a fresh start with a sibling after having an unplanned conversation, as well. Subconscious desires drive you into action, but your social network and friends will help you stay grounded.


Venus enters your sector of personal resources on Tuesday, and you can attract new ways to bring in money, as well as ways to fulfill your sensual needs! Same day, Mercury enters your communication sector, and any written projects or contracts will be approached in a sensible, methodical wayThursday’s New Moon in your personal resource sector can bring some unplanned financial activity (in or out), and you may feel the compulsion to act on spending desires (or sensual urges). Careful! Your long-term professional plans should keep you grounded, if things get too out of whack on the financial front.


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