The Week Ahead: April 11 – 17

Monday April 11th, the Gemini Moon is void of course from 2:56pm on, so use the morning to begin (many) new projects, and the afternoon for edits/revisions.

Tuesday April 12th, the Moon enters Cancer (4:06am). A good day for nurturing others. Mercury sextiles Neptune (5:41am), making today an imaginative and visionary one. You can speak with compassion and empathy to others. Venus trines Mars in the afternoon (3:15pm), which allows masculine and feminine energy to work fluidly; great for group projects, or a mid-week date night.

Wednesday April 13th, the Moon reaches its First Quarter at noon, marking a pinnacle in the growth cycle of whatever you began during the Aries New Moon. An emotional crisis can occur, prompting you to meet a challenge.

Thursday April 14th, Moon is void of course until it enters Leo (9:52am), so don’t initiate new projects until mid-morning. Mercury in Taurus enters the shadow zone for its upcoming retrograde (April 28 – May 22). What happens in written projects, contracts, and finances from now until then is what will breakdown during the retrograde. Asteroid Ceres enters Aries today, and the way to nurture/mother/get over abandonment issues is through physical action, and by asserting your independence.

Friday April 15thMercury trines Saturn Rx (10:30pm), making today a good one for structured thinking and disciplined communication. Don’t put off meetings or written projects until next week; you can see tangible results with a little effort, today.

Saturday April 16th, the Leo Moon is void of course from 1:48pm – 7:22pm, making this afternoon a good one for spending time with the kids, or revising a creative project. Venus is inconjunct Jupiter Rx tonight (9:26pm), so take caution in matters of the heart (and wallet): you could go a little further than you intended!

Sunday April 17th, Mars in Sagittarius stations retrograde at 8º (8:14am), and from today through June 29th, actions taken over the past few months will have to be gone back over. Mercury trines Pluto at 5:25am, making today a good one for intense focus on research or reading, and also good for deeper, more truthful/intimate conversations.


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