Horoscopes April 11 – 17



Tuesday, Venus in your sign trines Mars (your ruler) in your opportunities sector, as we enter the last week of your season, Rams. This is a nice way to go out, however! The trine may give you a bit of wanderlust, and surely encourage you to take a chance on opportunities that will expand your horizons (especially travel, educational, legal, and publishing matters), but be mindful of your inclination towards being too impulsive. This weekend, when your ruler (Mars) stations retrograde, you enter into a 10-week period of back-tracking, reconsidering actions you’ve taken these past couple months, and intense, internal review. So, developments on the Venus-Mars issues may be delayed until July, but you’ll have lots to think about! Meanwhile, asteroid Ceres enters your sign on Thursday, and may suss up mothering/abandonment issues, or feelings of needing nurturing/to be nurtured. The way to handle them is your very own style of assertion, independence, and taking physical action.


Tuesday, Venus (your ruler) in your hidden sector trines Mars in your sector of intimacy and shared resources. This aspect is more subtle for you, Bulls, as it can involve secret, private desires you decide to take action on – perhaps a relationship you want to take to a deeper level – but can just as easily be about dealing with unconscious fears, such as debt or tax issues (or your partner’s financial woes) that keep you up at night. Whatever it is, on Sunday, when Mars stations retrograde, you’ll have to back off of it for the next 10 weeks because developments are delayed until July (although internally, you’ll be intensely reviewing intimacy/debt issues). On Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your hidden sector, and mothering or abandonment issues may crop up via dreams or other subconscious ways. While you may not be able to take direct action, you can deal with your need to nurture/be nurtured by lending an ear to loved ones.


Tuesday, Venus in your social sector trines Mars in your relationship sector, and your social life can see a boost of energy. Not that you need any help in the arena of networking, but this aspect could prompt the development of a friendship into a partnership (romantic or business). If not, friends and contacts are still charmed by your graceful and diplomatic way of putting others’ needs at the forefront. This weekend, Mars stations retrograde, and developments that began under the Venus trine take a backseat until July. For the next 10 weeks, you’ll be going back over actions taken in committed relationships, and doing a private, internal review of the subject. If you’re not currently attached, you may even encounter a partner from the past. Just remember, whatever you initiate during Mars Rx will take a different turn after it stations direct this summer! Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your social sector, and friends/groups may bring up mothering or abandonment issues. Deal with it by asserting your independence and taking action.


Tuesday, Venus in your career sector trines Mars in your routine sector. This can mean great things on the professional front; you have the inspiration to act on a larger career goal, or get noticed by superiors for your attention to detail and diligence. Likewise, this aspect can make your professional relationships (with the boss, or co-workers) harmonious. When Mars stations retrograde on Sunday, initiative you took in your job, daily schedule, or health and personal habits can take a backseat; things have to be re-assessed for the next 10 weeks, which will be an intense time of quiet self-examination. You may have to rethink some health/fitness moves, or how you are approaching things at work. You’ll be able to revisit whatever the Venus/Mars trine inspires in July (your month, Crabs!). Thursday, the asteroid Ceres enters your career sector, and may stir up mother issues or feelings of abandonment (which you relate to well, Moon-children), ironically on the work front. Deal with them by being assertive and taking independent action, professionally.


Tuesday, Venus in your opportunity sector trines Mars in your creative sector. This is a great aspect for exciting romance! Your fellow Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) are involved, and along with you Lions, ignite a spark in your belly: creative projects, performance, self-expression, travel, publishing, and children are just a few of the areas you may be inspired to act upon! However, on Sunday, Mars stations retrograde; whatever gets started with the trine will be on the back burner for the next 10 weeks. You will be going back over actions taken in the area of projects, talents, children, romance, and ego-expression. There needs to be some intense, internal review of actions taken here, before you’ll see any developments (Mars will station direct again in early July). Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your opportunity sector, and you have a chance to deal with some mothering or abandonment issues directly, and through action. To nurture yourself and others, think independence and physical activities.


Tuesday, Venus in your intimacy sector trines Mars in your domestic sector. The link here may progress an intimate relationship to a joint-living situation, or at least have you begin the process. Too, joint financial issues or debt/tax items can be assisted by actions taken at home or with family. Whatever you are inspired to do, when Mars stations retrograde on Sunday, developments temporarily halt. Over the next 10-week period, you’ll be reassessing actions pertaining to home and family, and will be able to move forward again in July, when Mars stations direct once more. Thursday, the asteroid Ceres enters your intimacy/shared resources sector, and a physically or emotionally intimate relationship (or debt problems) touch upon your mother or abandonment issues. The way to deal is via independence, assertion, being direct, and especially through physical activity. Take chart in this area!


Tuesday, Venus (your ruler) in your partnership sector trines Mars in your communications sector. This is a fabulous aspect for initiating new relationships, or breathing life into existing ones with some fresh, exciting communication! Likewise, you can charm anyone with your words at the moment, because your natural charisma – rooted in grace, diplomacy, and putting others’ needs at the forefront – is really shining through. You may feel the inspiration to act (something that is typically hard for you to decide upon), but just know that on Sunday, Mars stations retrograde for a 10-week period. During this time, activity on the aforementioned will back off, and you’ll have to privately review what actions you’ve taken in written projects and contracts, with siblings, and in all areas of communication. Come July, you’ll see developments once again. Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your partnership sector, and feelings of abandonment/mother issues may arise within relationships. The way to deal is independently (NOT by projecting onto your partner!)


Tuesday, Venus in your routine sector trines Mars (your co-ruler) in your resources sector. This can mean some nice developments in finances, perhaps related to a new position you’ve attracted at work! It can also represent a positive connection between your health and fitness routine, and your self-esteem. Keep up the good work! Sunday, Mars stations retrograde, and a 10-week review period begins, specifically about actions you take in your personal finances, real estate, and self-worth issues. Until July, you may not see real developments in the areas inspired by this week’s Venus trine. Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your routine sector, and you may feel that mother or abandonment issues are being brought up daily; in your job, schedule personal habits, or health. Deal with them through physical action and asserting your independence.


Tuesday, Venus in your self-expression sector trines Mars in your sign. You could not have a better aspect to promote personal confidence and creativity, even a possible romance! Also, enjoy time spent with your children. It’s all about joy right now! Now is a great time to do something different with your appearance. Sunday, Mars stations retrograde, and for the next 10 weeks you’ll go through a private reassessment of actions you’ve been taking in your life. This doesn’t have to be heavy – you Sag’s enjoy lightness – but you’ll have to take your time, and wait until July for developments. Thursday, the asteroid Ceres enters your creativity sector, and you may feel mother or abandonment issues creeping up as you work on creative projects, romance a lover, or spend time with your kids. Deal with them (and show nurturing) through physical activity and asserting your independence.


Tuesday, Venus in your domestic sector trines Mars in your hidden sector. Although this is a subtle aspect for you Goats, you can tap into your intuition through meditation and dreams, to figure out how to proceed with plans regarding home and family (especially renovations, decor, and relationships). You may get some great ideas, but Sunday, Mars stations retrograde, and actions on the home/family front may take a backseat until July. For the next 10 weeks, you may feel weird as Mars Rx has you doing an internal review of actions you’ve taken recently, in regards to secret desires and fears. You may not even fully understand what is happening, but have patience as your subconscious works it all out. Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your domestic sector, and mothering/abandonment issues come up as you deal with your family stuff. Show nurturing to yourself and others through physical action and encouraging independence.


Tuesday, Venus in your communication sector trines Mars in your social sector. This aspect is excellent for improving your network and making some new, helpful contacts. You have the ability to say just the right thing, right now! Sunday, Mars stations retrograde, and any advances you make this week may be put on the back burner until July. You’ll be doing a 10-week review of actions taken regarding your group of friends, your social network, and on social media (especially conflicts). Also, you’ll have a private and intense review of what you’re doing to act upon your bigger hopes and wishes. Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your communication sector, and you may find yourself talking or writing about mothering/abandonment issues more and more. The way to deal is to assert your independence, and take action to nurture yourself.


Tuesday, Venus in your personal resource sector trines Mars in your career sector. This can mean wonderful developments in your finances, relationships, and professional endeavors! Your ambition and image can really get you what you want, right now. Sunday, when Mars stations retrograde, these things may take a backseat for a while. You are entering a 10-week review of actions taken on the professional front (and reconsidering any conflicts with your superiors). Although you may be intensely focused on a specific career issue for a while, you can expect developments with work/finances to leap forward once Mars is direct again, in July. Thursday, asteroid Ceres enters your personal resource sector, and mothering/abandonment issues come up surrounding your need for material security. Deal with them by taking action, and asserting your independence (NOT overspending!).


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