Mars Stations Retrograde

April 17th, Mars stations retrograde at 8º Sagittarius, and will be moving backwards until June 29th. Mars represents action and initiative, which will be delayed during the retrograde. Actions taken in the past few months, specifically since Mars entered the shadow zone, will also have to be reviewed and revisited. Pay special attention to educational, travel, and legal matters (Sagittarius territory).

This retrograde has two parts. The first one is the journey from 8º – 0º Sagittarius (April 17th – May 26th). Mars in Sagittarius represents actions that expand your horizons, bring you to a greater truth, or come from a place of optimism and faith. These are also the areas that will be questioned during the Rx period: truth vs lies, faith vs false hope, and whether your arrow is aimed in the right direction, these days.

The second part is from 29º – 23º Scorpio (May 27th – June 29th), when you’ll have to take the truths that have been reevaluated during the first part, and apply them at a deeper level. Scorpio is darker, more intimate, and more emotional than Sag, so this last leg of the Rx will apply your newfound direction at the very core of who you are.

This is a lengthy retrograde, which will be accompanied by Pluto Rx (starting April 18th) and Mercury Rx (April 28th – May 22nd). Frustrations will arise if you attempt to push actions even though things are going slow or not lining up easily for you. The best bet is to lay off, because this retrograde period is happening to help you reevaluate the direction you’re taking. Why force something that isn’t in your best interest?

Some other things to note: retrograde periods are an internal process, hence the delay of progress in the outside world, but they are also an intensification of the planet’s energy. In this case, you may feel a push to drop all but one or two courses of action (Sag is a Mutable sign that likes to juggle several opportunities at once), when the retrograde begins, and funnel all your energy into the chosen avenue. Also, be aware that anything initiated during an Rx period is likely to change course once the planet stations direct. Actions begun or sexual relationships you initiate will either end or not be the same, come June 29th!

Mars retrograde is a great time to take action on old projects that were put on the back burner, at some point. You can make real headway, because you’ll be in a different frame of mind right now, and see other approaches. Don’t be surprised if you cross paths with old flames during this time, too, and now is a very good time to rekindle an old sexual relationship, if you are so inclined!

If you have natal/progressed planets or angles between 23º Scorpio – 8º Sagittarius, you’ll be affected by this retrograde strongest. Those with natal/progressed planets or angles that oppose Mars retrograde (23º Taurus – 8º Gemini) or square it (23º Leo/Aquarius – 8º Virgo/Pisces) will also feel tension, to a lesser extent.


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