The Week Ahead: April 18 – 24

Monday April 18, Pluto stations retrograde at 17º Capricorn, beginning a period of internal reflection and intense focus on the activities of the house it’s in. Pluto is Rx nearly half the year (it stations direct September 26), so unless you have natal planets around 17º of the Cardinal signs, you may not feel this transit strongly.

Virgo Moon is void of course from 8:29am Monday to 7:23am Tuesday (when it enters Libra).

Tuesday April 19, the Sun enters Taurus, beginning the season of the bull! Taurus is most concerned with self-preservation, peace, beauty, and things it can experience with its five senses. This is a great season to get your finances or budget together, look at real estate, garden, fix up your home, or re-decorate.

Wednesday April 20 (no transits).

Thursday April 21, Libra Moon is void of course from 2:13am to 8:17pm, when it enters Scorpio.

Friday April 22, the Full Moon occurs at 2º Scorpio. This is an intense culmination, and Scorpio takes an all-or-nothing approach: you can have laser-focus on the truth, or cut something out of your life entirely. Venus and Uranus are conjunct as well today, so there is an element of the unpredictable, especially concerning your desires in love, friendship, or finance.

Saturday April 23, Scorpio Moon is void of course from 5:45pm on.

Sunday April 24, Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:46am.


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