Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

On Thursday, April 28th, Mercury in Taurus stations retrograde. This is the third planet this month to station Rx (along with Mars in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn). Mercury will retrograde from 23º – 14º Taurus, and station direct on Sunday, May 22nd. Until then, we have to remember that patience is key during Mercury retrograde in Taurus! 🙂

I’ve spoken about Mercury Rx before as a notorious period when communication and short distance travel gets squirrelly. Even people who don’t follow astrology dread hearing that “Mercury is retrograde.” It’s a way of explaining why computer systems are down, traffic jams occur with no apparent cause, texts get sent to the wrong person, and alarm clocks don’t go off at the right time. All of these can indeed happen, but in Taurus, Mercury Rx has its own special flavor. This is the sign of business and finance, so these areas in particular will be subject to mistakes, errors, and paperwork or contractual problems.

In general, one should avoid signing paperwork during Mercury Rx, or at least go over it with a fine-tooth comb. This is especially true for any finance-related agreements. Be conscientious of how you spend your money and any investments made, including real estate ventures. Remember that Taurus is the expression of Venus that represents self-worth: your assets, personal resources, and in general how you get the tangible things you want. I wouldn’t be surprised if people misplace their possessions a lot during this retrograde, especially ones they use to communicate (hold onto your cell phone!).

Whenever a retrograde is occurring, the best activities to perform all start with “re-“… review, re-assess, reorganize, etc. So during Mercury retrograde in Taurus, it would be a good idea to review your finances, bank account ledger, business expenses, budget, and anything that details the value of possessions you already own. You could have your home reappraised, or reassess the value of your stuff to make sure insurance coverage is adequate. If you purchase new items or start new business/financial ventures during the retrograde, don’t be surprised if their value changes significantly once Mercury stations direct.

People may be thinking and speaking a little – well, slow – during this Rx, because Taurus is already a deliberate and steady communicator. Add any confusion, and the Bull slows down to a snail’s pace! So have patience with yourself and others, and try to laugh it off when things get too heavy or you feel yourself becoming a stick in the mud. It will be over in three weeks!


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