The Week Ahead: April 25 – May 1


Monday April 25 (no major aspects). Moon is in Sagittarius.

Tuesday April 26, the Sag Moon is void of course from 11:50am to 7:54pm, when it enters Capricorn. A great evening for good times with old friends!

Wednesday April 27, Taurus Sun inconjuncts Mars Rx in Sagittarius. There may be a little discomfort between your actions and objectives; you have practical goals, but restless/scattered energy today means you may not see them through. Go easy on yourself.

Thursday April 28Mercury stations retrograde at 23º Taurus. Good luck! Although you may feel it beginning from Monday on, today is the day technology starts going haywire, traffic becomes unpredictable, and paperwork is a mess. Have patience!

Friday April 29, the Aquarius Moon reaches Last Quarter at 11:29pm. As energy from the Full Moon is released, you may experience a personal crisis. Aquarius isn’t emotional, however, so it would be expressed via sudden detachment. Venus enters Taurus today, as well.

Saturday April 30, Aquarius Moon is void of course from 10:55pm until 10:33am on Sunday, when it enters Pisces.

Sunday May 1, the Sun sextiles Neptune. This is a great day for imaginative work or play, and especially artistic or musical expression, due to the combo of Taurus/Pisces. Enjoy going to the movies with family, escaping into a good book, or spiritual pursuits.


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