May 2016 Numberscopes

To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, and reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th, so I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+6) = 4 + 4 + 9 = 17.  1+7 = 8, so I am in a personal 8 year and would scroll down to the number 8 to read what’s in store for me this month!


If you are in a personal 1 year, then May is a personal 6 month for you. This month brings you back to responsibilities and duties, especially on the home/family front. Your relationships are in the spotlight, and the equality with which you give and take, so of all months in your 1 year this is the one to be a bit less selfish and think about others. You could even begin a long-term relationship this month, or commit on a deeper level to an existing partner. This is also a great time to begin a home renovation project, even a big one that will take the rest of the year. At the very least, a thorough spring cleaning is in order!


If you are in a personal 2 year, then May is a personal 7 month for you. This is a month for some private down time. Try to fit in as much of it as you can, especially in nature. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual pursuits are encouraged this month, but also any research you need to do on current or upcoming projects. The 7 is a funny energy, because it involves gathering information: both of the higher spiritual kind and of the minor day-to-day kind. Because your year is about others, this month is unique in that you must retreat from the people in your life. This is the time to consider who and what no longer serves you.


If you are in a personal 3 year, then May is a personal 8 month for you. This year is about creativity and personal expression, and this month, that energy is concentrated into finances and personal power. This can work in two ways: you’ll consider the financial and control aspects of a creative endeavor, or get creative about expanding your financial situation and leveraging your own power. Opportunities will present themselves, especially if you are starting an artistic career (writing, music, etc.). This is an intense time; don’t let emotions control you, and try to find the joy in the here and now. Exercise your verbal and written communication skills.


If you are in a personal 4 year, then May is a personal 9 month for you. You are in a systematic year concerned with order, and therefore this month of endings brings up uncomfortable issues because they are out of your control. You’ll say goodbye to someone or something (or both) this month, and it won’t be easy, because you’re not partial to anything that shakes your sense of security, this year. Try to remember that no matter what happens, you attracted it to yourself for the ultimate good, so let go! Let feelings come and go as well, because there will be turbulence. Unresolved emotions can quickly turn to physical ailments.


If you are in a personal 5 year, then May is a personal 1 month for you. This is a fast-moving year of unexpected change, and this month presents you with new beginnings and opportunities. Sounds good, right? It can definitely be a dynamic month that starts a myriad of projects, relationships, or ventures that will be in your life for the next 9 months, but remember that you have to show up to the party. Although this entire year it’s important for you to go with the flow/trust your intuition, May is a good month to exercise some discrimination by taking advantage of the right opportunities, not just taking anything and everything that comes your way.


If you are in a personal 6 year, then May is a personal 11/2 month for you. This year is an attractive one, concerned with responsibilities, commitments, and family duty; this month focuses your attention on patience, cooperation, and helping others. It may feel slow, sluggish, or even like a step backwards on the projects you’ve been working on, yet it’s an important spiritual step forward, you just won’t realize it while going through it. You’re extra sensitive this month, not just emotionally, but because you’re more in tune with others’ needs. Take time to help them: the karmic ramifications of your selflessness will be great.


If you are in a personal 7 year, then May is a personal 3 month for you. This year is about solitude, contemplation, and spiritual growth, which can be lonely at times; May is the one month this year you will feel lighter, more joyful and outgoing. You may not feel like throwing parties or going out every night, but there should be a slight increase in socializing, fun, and even travel. The 3 energy is about creativity, self-expression, and expansion, so it’s hard to get too depressed or heavy; bored, yes, but if you tire of life’s superficialities, do some journaling or express yourself through a creative medium.


If you are in a personal 8 year, then May is a personal 4 month for you. This year is about personal power, finances, and business, and this month will challenge your organization, budget, and work ethic. The purpose is to get you running on a more efficient, effortless routine for the remainder of the year. The better your habits are, the more energy you free up for bigger things, but putting those structures into place can be tedious! Take the time to get yourself together, especially when it comes to your money, bills, and health routines, so the rest of the year you don’t have to think about these things. It’ll be worth it!


If you are in a personal 9 year, then May is a personal 5 month for you. This year is all about endings, letting go of people/places/things, and clearing the decks for a new cycle. This month brings a dynamic energy, changes, and opportunities into your already turbulent year! But it can be great fun, and great practice in going with the flow (something that will help you all year). Although you’ll see an increase in serendipity and seemingly random luck – and people will be drawn to your newfound charisma – remember to choose your experiences wisely. It’s all to easy to waste time on frivolities or overindulging (on food, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.).


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