A Sagittarius Full Moon: Truth vs Lies

Gemini season is coming up, starting on Friday, May 20th, so Happy Birthday to all you (crazy) Geminis! This sign’s symbol is the Twins, because you are very dualistic: happy face-sad face. You can change in the snap of a finger, and others never really know what a Gemini is thinking or feeling, because you don’t show the inner twin. What is under that mischievous exterior?

Geminis are like cats. They are endlessly curious – sometimes to their demise – cause lots of trouble, and seem to evade the consequences without much effort. Life is a game, and you really have to admire their ability to not take anything too seriously 😎 Although Geminis can drive other signs crazy, perhaps the one that handles it worst is Sagittarius (the Archer).

Sag is on a quest for the ultimate TRUTH of the universe – its arrow aims for the stars – and therefore, they have strong convictions about ethics. Gemini sees truth as an arbitrary concept, one that can easily bend and shape to any given situation. Where Gemini sees shades of grey, Sag sees black and white.

I bring up this polarity between the opposing signs because one day after the Sun moves into Gemini, there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Saturday, May 21st). The themes for this full moon are truth vs lies, and the bigger picture vs your daily life. Gemini represents the world around you and how you interact with it on a daily basis (a very microscopic view of the world), and Sag represents the opposite side of the world you’ve never seen, foreign cultures and concepts, and larger issues that put your own tiny life in perspective. Issues that may be revealed during this full moon include the consequences of gossip or lies, but also the bigger picture your own life and what you are aiming for.

The full moon is accompanied by an exact conjunction to Mars Rx at 1º Sag, which adds a spark to it. Sagittarius is an inspirational sign, and on the whole very optimistic, so follow your instincts during this full moon and take action when your gut tells you to. Gemini can intellectualize things too much (Air sign), but Sag is a Fire sign and it must feel its way through. One caveat: Sag can really put its foot in its mouth and blurt out hurtful things in the name of “honesty,” so if you get hot-headed, remember that your truth is not everyone’s truth.

Incidentally, the asteroid Vesta will be conjunct the Gemini Sun at 1º during this full moon, as well. Vesta represents devotion and sacrifice, and in Gemini, may involve a verbal or written project to which you are committed. Also, Gemini rules over siblings, so be cautious of blow-ups with your brothers or sisters this weekend!


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