Natal Moon Progressions

I’m beginning a blog series on natal Moon progressions. They can really help you get a grasp on what you are feeling for any 2-3 year period, and your relationships during that time. The progressed chart is simply your natal chart advanced one day for every year of your life. Progressions represent how you currently express the potential of your natal chart. To calculate your own progressed chart, you can create a free account at It’s great and you can look up all your friends’ charts too! 🙂

The Moon is the fastest progression, changing signs approximately every 2.5 years. Your natal Moon represents your needs and feelings, but your progressed Moon reflects your evolving needs, relationships, and your overall emotional state. When it moves into a new sign or house, the changes in your life can be very dramatic!

Ever go through a selfish and impatient period, when things were all about you? Your PR Moon was probably in Aries, or moving through your natal 1st house. Was there a time you catered to everyone else, but suffered from personal anxiety/illness? Likely, PR Moon was in Virgo or your 6th house. Some progressed Moon signs and houses are harder than others, like PR Moon in Scorpio/8th house (unless you have either placement natally), which everyone seems to dislike!

Sometimes if you are going through a hard time, knowing what your PR Moon is doing can really help. Do your loved ones suddenly seem like they’re holding you back, and you want to break free? Could be your PR Moon just entered Aquarius, and you can’t stand the security you enjoyed back when PR Moon was in Capricorn. Knowing this can allow you to seek healthy ways of expressing your feelings, like making some weird friends or getting a tattoo, rather than up and leaving your spouse and kids!

We’ll go through more scenarios as I write about each progressed Moon sign and house. Understanding your own evolving needs is what is behind everything having to do with the progressed Moon, so you don’t really need to know the astrology, but it helps a bunch if you are lost and confused. (Which you would be, if your PR Moon is in Pisces.) 😎

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