A Mars Retrograde Rant

This blog entry is a bit off from what I normally write, because it’s about my personal views, not just what’s going on in the sky.

I don’t know if it’s Mars retrograde in Sag, but lately I’ve noticed that many people have lofty dreams in life that I personally can’t get excited about: the typical things like marriage, and kids, and money. I used to want to accomplish everything from writing a young adult dystopic novel, to buying a shower with a TV, but not anymore. Where did these aspirations go? What happens to a dream deferred? (That poem is actually about racial oppression, and it’s quite serious and way more significant than my current issues, I just really wanted to link it.)

Maybe a dream is just something to get us going that day, and every one doesn’t need to actualize. Plus, what good is it to keep at something – or someone – you no longer care about, just to stave away feelings of failure? You can always come back to it later. Or maybe that’s just my lazy, escapist Pisces rising talking.


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