Progressed Moon in Aries or 1st House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Pisces to Aries or 12th house to 1st house is a major one – the most significant in the Zodiac – because you’re ending a long cycle, going back to the start. In a sense, you are reborn. Pisces to Aries ushers in a new dawn of self-confidence and independence, and 12H to 1H (over the Ascendant) triggers a time of change and emotional honesty.

Aries is the first Zodiac sign, and like a new infant, it is entirely self-oriented. This isn’t a bad thing, after the confusion and self-destruction of Pisces. For example, you may have been drinking a lot, or participating in really unhealthy relationships when your progressed Moon was in Pisces. When it shifts to Aries, you no longer feel the need to escape. You realize it’s better to be alone than with people who take advantage of you, and end all bad relationships. Whatever your situation was before, you feel fresh and new, and you want to explore who you are.

Aries and the 1st house are ruled by Mars (planet of action) so you have more drive, impatience, and impulsivity. Mars is also the planet of war, so you’re more assertive about your needs and aggressive with others during this time frame (2.5 years for the Aries phase, 1-4 years for 1st house depending on its size). It helps to participate in healthy competition, such as sports or debate, so you’re less likely to start fights due to pent up energy. Mars also rules over raw sexuality, so your sex drive will increase, and you could have new partners or even one night stands.

Aries is a Fire sign meaning your creativity, optimism, confidence, and passion all blossom during these phases. There is a daring to the Ram that makes you rush in where others fear to go! Fire signs lack tact, however, so be prepared to accidentally say and do things that hurt others. Speaking of accidents, be especially careful during the Aries phase, because the Ram is accident-prone, and head injuries/issues are common. Fire signs are leaders, so your independence will be tested; Aries especially likes getting ahead of the pack. Honesty is important, and you’ll abruptly end shady relationships (or at least be more blunt and direct) and become drawn to people with Aries qualities during this time.

Aries is a Cardinal sign (and 1H is an Angular house) meaning this is a time of initiation and taking charge. You’ll be more autonomous, make decisions, and start many things: new relationships, hobbies, careers, and body/appearance related stuff (especially in 1H). You may not realize it, but the things you begin now are themes you’ll work on for the next 30-year cycle. I entered my first serious relationship during this phase, turned 18, and went away to college to start my freshman year. Because of the way my natal chart is set up, I had progressed Moon in Aries and 1st house at the same time. It was a whirlwind of changes and beginnings!

As your Moon progresses, you advance in your independence, autonomy, and honest self-expression. The Aries phase feels easiest for those with natal Moon in a Fire sign, and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra). The 1st house phase is pretty great for everyone, although be cautious of weight gain.


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