Progressed Moon in Taurus or 2nd House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When you experience a PR Moon sign or house transition, your needs evolve accordingly, and the shift from Aries to Taurus or 1st house to 2nd house is a stabilizing one, when you crave security. You are entering a time of relative steadiness (about 2.5 years for the Taurus progression, 1-4 years for the natal 2nd house progression typically, depending on its size). This is a time to work on whatever you started during the previous PR Moon phase.

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign, and is represented by the toddler, who has grown out of the newborn urgency of Aries (the infant), having survived the first stage of life. It no longer needs to scream and cry when it feels hungry or tired, because the toddler knows that nap time follows meal time, and play time follows nap time, etc. Taurus desires consistency, and when your PR Moon leaves Aries or H1 and enters Taurus/H2, you settle into a routine and enjoy the security that comes with it. The toddler also experiences the world using five senses – touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight – and tangibles are important during this progression.

In a way, Aries and Taurus are diametric opposites, because the first is ruled by warring Mars and the second is ruled by peace-loving Venus. After the aggression, competition, and challenge-driven experience of PR Moon in Aries, serenity is what you crave. When your PR Moon is in Taurus, you’ll seek out people who are more constant and predictable in their behavior and demeanor. You, too, will be more reliable, calm, and slow to anger. You want everything in your world to be unshakeable – nothing to rock the boat – so the trigger-happy temper you may have had during PR Moon in Aries will calm waaayy down. Anyone in your life that is a hot-head will no longer be welcome!

The major theme of PR Moon in Taurus, and especially PR Moon in the natal 2nd house, is money. There is nothing more important for stability in this world than secure finances, and only money can buy you all the material things you want to surround yourself with during this time. Taurus is an Earth sign, meaning it is practical, material-based, and business-oriented. So you are more apt to want to work hard, make real dollars, and use common sense. During the H2 progression, you may become interested in real estate or even invest in a home purchase. Taurus likes to build slowly (it does everything slowly), so there will be no get-rich-quick schemes for you during this progression.

Taurus is a Fixed sign (and H2 a “Succedent” house), meaning you won’t want to start a lot of things like you did during your Aries/1st house progressions. You want to stick with things, jobs, people, places you already know, and sustain them. Now is a great time for working on long-term projects, especially home repairs. Gardening is a wonderful practice, because you can see your results slowly come to fruition, and you may be drawn to the kitchen and cooking.

When PR Moon is in Taurus, be cautious over overindulgence, weight gain, and overspending on material things. One way to make sure you don’t go overboard in spending/eating is to make sure all your needs are being met, including sex (people don’t often equate the Bull with sexiness, but it’s the most sensual sign). You are also more prone to being stubborn and getting stuck in a rut, just for the sake of not wanting change.

The Taurus lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). The 2nd house progression is a time of stability for everyone, with a special emphasis on finances and self worth.


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