June 2016 Numberscopes

To calculate your personal year, add your day and month of birth to the current year, and reduce. Example: my birthday is April 13th, so I add 4 + (1+3) + (2+0+1+6) = 4 + 4 + 9 = 17.  1+7 = 8. I am in a personal 8 year and would scroll down to the number 8.


If you are in a personal 1 year, then June is a personal 7 month for you. Now is the time for some rest and solitary retreat from the world, so fit in (yes I mean schedule) as much “me time” as you can. You’ll be glad you did. Try to get out in nature, if you can, and do lots of meditation. This is not a great month for pounding things out or initiating new projects. Even though your 1 year is all about new beginnings, this month is better spent centering yourself, observing, and doing research. You can (and will) take action next month. Remember to take care of yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you or go easy on you this year, unfortunately 😦


If you are in a personal 2 year, then June is a personal 8 month for you. This is one of your most significant months of 2016, and you could see some serious changes, or a move. A project may come to fruition, or you receive recognition for your part in a job well done. Money can increase right now, through yourself or a partner. If you are in a relationship, this is the time to go public or take it to the next commitment level. The 8 energy is about power, manifestation, and material results, so now is a time when everything comes to a head (kind of like a Full Moon phase). You may feel overly intense, stressed, or serious this month, so remember to take some time out to relax.


If you are in a personal 3 year, then June is a personal 9 month for you. This is a time of endings, and things could get pretty emotional. You will say goodbye to someone or something, and people from the past may feature largely this month. It’s an opportunity to release old emotions and heal, if needed. Now is also the time to get rid of old things by cleaning the closets, donating, recycling, etc. and if you can, give to others who are in need. You must clear the decks for the new cycle to come, and that means emotional clearing, so let your feelings loose! This is a great time for creative expression, whether it be writing, art, music, or whatever floats your boat.


If you are in a personal 4 year, then June is a personal 1 month for you. This is a time of new beginnings, and you should feel a lot more energy and initiative than last month. This is a great time to start projects, especially if you are doing work around the house or garden. Since your whole year is about structure and setting foundations (kind of boring, right?), now is a good time to initiate a new budget or financial plan, or implement a new diet and exercise regime. Anything you can setup that will make the rest of your year (and beyond) easier and more fluid.


If you are in a personal 5 year, then June is a personal 2 month for you. This is a more emotional time than usual, and although energy tends to be lower during 2 months, you could definitely find love right now! However, just a warning: relationships started in your 5 year tend to be a flash in the pan. This is a highly intuitive time, and you may be surprised at the connections you make just by going with the flow. Family, friends, and balance in all your relationships are at the forefront of your priorities. Although this is your most dynamic year and you are seeking personal freedom, now more than any other month is the time to think about others, and be diplomatic. This month may feel confusing, like you are moving through fog or trying to run underwater. Patience and cooperation are key.


If you are in a personal 6 year, then June is a personal 3 month for you. This is a time for some fun! Take advantage of it, because the rest of the year is taxing, as I’m sure you have already realized. Your 6 year is all about opening your heart, and about your responsibilities to others, so June can lighten things up a bit with some enjoyable activities (especially with loved ones). If you have a creative project that was pushed to the back burner, get it back out and see if you can brainstorm. Often times the creative fantasies you have during 3 months/years come to pass, at least in part! Enjoy the weather, go eat ice cream, and do some fun shopping for home decor. This is a great month for having a good time with your significant other, and letting your worries go for a bit.


If you are in a personal 7 year, then June is a personal 4 month for you. This can be a trying time, I’m not going to lie! Things break that require time, money, and attention, and you can’t take the easy way out. You have to deal with long term issues that can no longer be ignored. Work must be done, lots of sweat and toil and tears. In a 7 year a lot of the time, everything is happening internally, so the “work” can be internal; therapy, meditation, and journalling can all help, if this is the case. But you will probably have to deal with some issue of your daily life – budget, diet, or home related – that needs to be handled. This can be a frustrating and/or depressing time.


If you are in a personal 8 year, then June is a personal 5 month for you. This is your power year, and the 5 month is one of the most dynamic energies there is. Ergo, this could be a month that changes everything for you! Sudden windfalls and new career opportunities can happen. Although you’re not one for gambling this year, a small gamble could see a major payoff. This is a stiff and serious year, but try to go with the flow in June, and trust you’ll be led to the right situations (over-scheduling right now can actually be detrimental to success). Great month for networking, too! Try something fresh and different in your approach and it will pay off.


If you are in a personal 9 year, then June is a personal 6 month for you. This is a year of endings, letting the past go, saying goodbye, and emotional ups and downs. June for you mirrors the universal 6 month that is occurring, and the themes are family duty, and responsibility. You may have past partners and loved ones reaching out to you, this month. You will have to say goodbye to certain responsibilities that are no longer yours to bear, and letting go can be hard to do! Be willing to feel what you must feel, in order to release whatever it is that ties you to this duty. This is a great time for cleaning up your home and letting go of stuff from the past that no longer serves you; it will make your environment more pleasing.


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