Tomorrow’s New Moon

Confused about which option to choose? Tomorrow’s new Moon may pick it for you! The new Moon in Gemini accompanies a Grand Mutable Cross, which is a pattern of planets at odds with one another (like a cross). The Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – usually represent juggling choices, however, buzzkill Saturn’s involvement means most of them will fall through, if they haven’t already 😦

The new Moon occurs on Saturday, June 4th (at 14º Gemini). New Moons are beginnings, and Gemini represents information. Mars represents going out to get what you want, and Venus is attracting your desires. So this new Moon can bring appealing choices, but with Gemini, their beauty pretty much lies on the surface!

Saturn opposes the Gemini trio (from Sagittarius). Gemini is a light, airy sign that can’t stand to be weighed down by Saturn’s depressing energy. But Saturn also anchors Gemini, who can be unrealistic. This new Moon may be frustrating as you explore options only to have them dissolve, or make a decision and then come up against an immediate obstacle. But the options that weren’t realistic are falling away, and the right ones will be left standing. In the end, that’s a good thing!

Let’s finish out the Grand Cross. The new Moon-Saturn stand off is squared by another standoff: Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. Think of it like a boxing match, but instead of just two opponents in opposite corners, there are four opponents in each corner, staring each other down. In one corner, we have the Gemini trio, staring at mopey Saturn, and on the sides we’ve got massive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune.

Jupiter and Neptune don’t exactly work at odds with one another, even in opposition: they are just too friendly and similar. Both dislike boundaries, and try to expand or dissolve them. When the two are in aspect, they just egg each other on. Jupiter is a traveling party, and even in critical Virgo he’s pointing out all the positive details. Jupiter’s role in this new Moon is to present even more practical options to you. Neptune is a dreamer, and an idealist. In Pisces (her natural home), she’s oozing a rosy mist to fog over any harsh realities. Her role in this new Moon is to pump up your imagination and help you visualize a perfect situation.

Jupiter + Neptune are a little bothersome, because they are coming at you from the sides, multiplying choices and making reality hazy. They definitely work as a distracting team, but they also lend you some hope in the face of Saturn’s discouragement. So let yourself brainstorm this new Moon, because the less-than-stellar options will fall away by themselves. If you have to let go of a dream, maybe that dream wasn’t the best possible outcome for you in the long run?


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