Progressed Moon in Cancer or 4th House

The Progressed Moon represents your current needs, relationships, and general emotional state. When your PR Moon sign or house changes, your needs evolve. During the shift from Gemini to Cancer (or 3rd house to 4th house), your feelings become more important, as does home and family. You switch from needing information to needing comfort. You are entering a nurturing phase (about 2.5 years for the sign progression and 1-4 years for the house, depending on its size).

Cancer is the 4th sign, and is like the moody preteen of the Zodiac, who hides in a shell when life gets too tough. As a Water sign, Cancer feels her way through the world, and is very intuitive. When your Progressed Moon enters this sign or her house (the 4th), you will become more sensitive to your environment; particularly, how the people around you feel and what their needs are. Unlike during your Gemini PR Moon phase (which was all about communication), you will be more concerned with making sure things are comfortable around you, and that everyone is taken care of.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign (and H4 an “Angular” house) representing the beginning of Summer, so you will initiate many things during this phase, particularly those having to do with home and family. You may buy and settle into a new home during this time, or start a family. Because your relationships change with your PR Moon, you will likely seek out deeper, more nurturing relationships than you had in the Gemini/H3 progressions. If you had lots of acquaintances, you may let the more superficial ones fall away and give your attention to a few close friends and family. You’ll want to spend time with people who are in line with your current needs: nurturing, intuitive, caring, and family-oriented.

During the Cancer Moon progression, you can become overly sensitive and crabby (Cancer’s animal is the crab!). This is a moody sign because it is naturally ruled by the Moon, which fluctuates the tides. You, too, have your own cyclical ups and downs. If people hurt you – even unintentionally – you crawl back into your shell rather than address it directly. The crab moves side-to-side, and you will scuttle around issues rather than deal with them head on. This is one of the most passive aggressive signs, more comfortable communicating in an unspoken way with innuendos and the silent treatment!

The Cancer lunar progression is easiest for people with natal Moon in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and most challenging for those with natal Moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Capricorn). The 4th house progression is a time of focus on home and family, as well as exploring your past, including ancestry, and your own inherited traits/behaviors. This is a house of endings, so it can be a hard time as you deal with family issues and your own unconscious behaviors you learned from them, and then let these things go so you can move on.


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