Another Sag Full Moon

The Sun enters Cancer tomorrow evening (Monday, June 20th), but about 12 hours prior, a Full Moon will occur at 29º Sagittarius. This is the second Sag Full Moon this Gemini season, and will finish out some stuff begun last month. Ultimately, this is a positive Full Moon that will help you move into summer on the right path. 😎

When something occurs at 29º of a sign, there is a frantic energy about it, because this degree represents finishing up the themes of that sign. There is a distinct change of energy when a planet transitions from 29º of a sign to 0º of the next one. During the few hours leading up to this Full Moon, both Gemini Sun and Sag Moon will be reaching the end of their respective signs, and the “wrap-it-up” vibe is strong with these two in Mutable signs. Once they switch to Cancer and Capricorn, the energy becomes about initiating new things…the next chapter begins.

So, what is it you need to finish up? The clue may lie in Sag’s and Gemini’s rulers, Jupiter and Mercury. Same day as the Full Moon, Jupiter joins Lunar North Node in Virgo. The NN represents the path forward in our individual journeys, and Jupiter is expansion/good fortune. So, you can be released from your issues this past month (or longer) through clarity on what your next ideal step should be, and a little luck in hopping onto that path.

Mercury in Gemini, which represents communication, makes two aspects (to Saturn and Neptune). A bit of information can come your way to prompt you onto the right path mentioned above. They are challenging aspects (an opposition and square), so that prompt might be a shove onto the pavement…or a stumble out of the bushes…but at least you’ll wind up where you need to be!


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