Life Path 3

To calculate your Life Path number, just add up the day, month, and year of your birth, then reduce. For example, if you were born on November 25th, 1992, you would add: (1+1) + (2+5) + (1+9+9+2) = 2 + 7 + (2+1) = 2 + 7 + 3 = 12. Then reduce: 1 + 2 = 3. You are a Life Path 3!

If you have a Life Path 3, your life purpose is self-expression, and embracing your many talents. 3 represents the child, and you will spend your life learning how to express joy and happiness without letting doubts or insecurities get in the way of your creativity. Your biggest gifts and challenges come from expressing your thoughts and feelings in an authentic and uninhibited way. Although you aren’t the first number, you can be immature, superficial, and aimless if you aren’t actively using your talents!

The number 3 is masculine, and is ruled by Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter represents expansion and benevolence, which describes your personality well! 3’s have qualities of Jupiter’s Zodiac sign, Sagittarius: optimistic, inspiring, and fun, but can be flighty, restless, and directionless. You have some Cancer qualities (Jupiter’s exalted sign), in that you are highly emotional, sometimes moody, and able to read others’ feelings and needs. You have a bit of Gemini (communicative, intelligent) and Leo (creative, entertaining, natural in the spotlight), too!

This may seem like the number everyone wants to be, given that 3 comes with so much natural talent, intelligence, and inner happiness. (I know I’d like to be a 3!) But you have your own personal challenges, most of which are rooted in an inability to let your inner self shine through. You have a lot of self-doubt, and confidence issues, mostly because you assume that the things that come so easily to you are also easy for everyone else, so they are “no big deal.” This isn’t the case! In addition, you have trouble identifying your feelings, and emotions are the GPS for all creativity. You have so much to give, but if you can’t intuit how or what, you can get pretty frustrated!

It may take years for 3 Life Paths to identify their own feelings, and the stunted 3 (perhaps due to a childhood emotional scar) will wall up all emotional expression. This would be the most unfortunate thing in the world, because you really do have so much to give: inspiration, intelligence, creative talent, and above all else, joy! You truly are a people-person, because you want to lift others up. But sometimes people’s emotions can overwhelm you, because you are so highly tuned to them. You’ll often pick a “project” person whose life you want to make better, but when they don’t respond positively, it makes you depressed. Unlike Life Path 2’s, who come here to experience balance through relationships, your path doesn’t lie in other people. It lies in discovering your own emotions, happiness, and creativity, and lifting others by your amazing example!

The path of the 3 seems lovely from the outside. You are generally happy people, dripping with natural talents, great communicators, and often the life of the party…but you frustrate the hell out of those who know you, when you let your fruit rot on the tree! You can be manic depressive, swinging wildly between highs and lows, without seeming to realize it. You are brimming with potential, but often glide aimlessly through life, and can be superficial. This is partially because you don’t do well in a structured environment or with a schedule that has been dictated to you by someone else: you must be free to carve out your own niche and live by your instincts. If you do attempt to fit into a mold, it will only make your moodiness worse – and when you’re irked, you’re downright unbearable to everyone else!

The most important thing you can do for yourself and others is to use your talents, whatever they are. A Life Path 3 can be good at a variety of things, from the arts to writing to sports to any creative endeavor. Creativity comes in many forms! You can simply be good at lifting people up by pointing out their many fortunes, or encouraging children to play, or making sure everyone has a good time wherever you go. The important thing is to follow your creative instincts, and this involves identifying and expressing feelings. Although you may often feel confused about how you feel, when you do allow yourself to open up, you can accomplish more than most.

This may be the most difficult yet important lesson of your life: that you are here to openly communicate yourself to others. You will face challenges of “writer’s block” (in every form), paralyzing insecurity, and fall into the trap of over-analysis. You may tenaciously cling to your past relationships and mistakes, or become very negative at times. But your natural gifts are immeasurable – you are truly some of the luckiest people on earth – and only by using your talents and being honest will you find true happiness. So go express yourself! 😎


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