At Long Last, Mars Stations Direct

I’ve written a fair few posts about Mars retrograde, but finally on Wednesday, June 29th, Mars will station direct at 23º Scorpio. The planet of action stationed retrograde back on April 17th at 8º Sagittarius, and it’s been a wild ride (for some of us). Because the backwards movement began in the sign of the Archer, this reflective period was primarily to identify whether you are moving in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ve gained some clarity and can move forward with any adjustments necessary!

When Mars dipped back into Scorpio (on May 27th), actions/directions you had already begun to question went to a deeper place. Scorpio is the excavator, and digs right down into your psyche, your emotional base. If Mars Rx in Sag had you asking, “Am I moving in the wrong direction,” then Mars Rx in Scorpio asked, “Why?” Scorpio wants to know the psychological reasons behind everything. You may have even turned to astrology (hello there!) for answers!

A retrograde is a private, personal re-assessment, but it’s also an intensification of energy, which can turn to obsession in Scorpio. That sounds like an oxymoron: how can you get more intense about something if you are backing away to question it? Well, even if you’re questioning something, your energy is intense about it because you are focused on the subject. For this particular retrograde, it seems like the first part (Mars Rx in Sag) was a time to try and push the envelope, but end up stumbling. If you’re on the wrong path, you’ll encounter obstacles, because that’s the universe saying turn back! Wrong way! If you then try harder, you’ll encounter even more obstacles. The second part (Mars Rx in Scorpio) was the obsessive portion of this journey: If I’m on the wrong path, then what’s the right one? How’d I even get on this trajectory?

Hopefully, you’ve gotten your answers. Now comes the good part: retracing your steps and getting back on track. From June 29th – August 22nd Mars will be traveling for the final time through 23º Scorpio to 8º Sagittarius. This is your second chance to get it right, make a new choice, and gain clarity. One word of warning: if you started (or re-started) anything during the retrograde, such as a new or refurbished relationship/job/activity/etc., expect things to alter when Mars stations direct. It may not have to dry up entirely, but the course it takes will be a different one than when it began.

After August 22nd? It’s smooth sailing into the future.


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