Jupiter Return

Jupiter entered Libra on September 9th, where it will remain for approximately one year. Because my own natal Jupiter is at 3º Libra, I’m having a Jupiter return this month, which inspired me to write a blog post on Jupiter returns. These are pretty rare occurrences, because it takes Jupiter so long to move through the whole zodiac. Unlike your solar return which happens each year on or around your birthday, a Jupiter return happens only once every 12 years!

When Jupiter returns to the exact degree of your birth chart, you begin a new 12-year cycle of your life specific to Jupiter-related themes : personal expansion, higher education, broadening your horizons, spirituality, beliefs, and others specific to the house/sign/aspects of your natal Jupiter (for example, my natal Jupiter is in Libra, so my Jupiter lessons involve partnerships and balance with other people).

It’s essentially a new cycle of opportunity. The approx. 12-year Jupiter cycle is similar to the lunar cycle. A Jupiter return is the new moon phase, when possibilities are unseen. 3 years later, you are in the “1st quarter” phase when Jupiter squares Jupiter, building on your opportunities. Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter (6 years) is the “full moon” phase, a culmination of your efforts, and possibly a major change in direction. At the 9-year point (“last quarter” phase), you become disillusioned and begin to withdraw energy from your Jupiter projects. A year or two prior to the next Jupiter return is the “dark moon” phase, when you are directionless, waiting for a new challenge to come.

Wherever Jupiter transits your chart (regardless of whether or not you are having a return), it magnifies the issues of that area…for good and bad. If it passes over a natal planet, that’s even more significant because it expands the energy of that planet and the activities of whichever house(s) it rules.

A caveat: Jupiter brings opportunity, but if you are negative or expect things on a silver platter, it’ll pass you by. In fact, a lot of people report awful things happening under Jupiter’s influence. When Jupiter transited my natal 6H moon (direct, retrograde, then direct again), disaster struck with each pass. My boyfriend broke up with me, then my cat died during the retrograde, and I got fired from my job! But in hindsight, each event was for the ultimate best, in that none I would have left willingly, but each provided a new sense of freedom.

If you want to see where Jupiter is transiting in relation to your own chart, go to astro.com, create a free account, plug in your birth information, and choose “Natal Chart and Transits” under the extended chart selection.


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