A Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Today (Friday, September 16th), there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24º Pisces. It will be happening in the afternoon in EST, so don’t expect to see the eclipse in the US. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you, astrologically! (In fact, if you are reading this today, it likely already started affecting you weeks ago…and this is the culmination of whatever was set in motion during the September 1st Solar Eclipse at 9º Virgo).

The degree an eclipse occurs makes a mark in your chart that can affect you anywhere from the next six months to the next two years. It all depends on how significant that degree is, to you. For example, this eclipse is happening conjunct my 22º Pisces ascendant, which is a significant point (see below – transits are outside the wheel in green). The Sun and Moon are aligned with my AC-DC line.

A Lunar Eclipse in PiscesIf the eclipse is falling on one of your personal (or progressed) planets or angles, then it’s a more significant eclipse for you. The energy of the eclipse will be activated each time another planet passes 24º Pisces. You will experience an echo of whatever happens on or before this eclipse each time. It may be a while…the next planets to reach this point are both Venus and Mars in January 2017, and then the Sun, Mercury, and Chiron in February 2017.

More about Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”: it plays a big part in this eclipse, conjunct the Moon at 22º Pisces. Thus, part of the release during this Full Moon eclipse will be about old wounds and letting go of the past, or better yet, using your past as a tool for moving forward. How do you do this without backpedaling into painful memories or regressing? Through compassion. Pisces rides a fine line between understanding and self-sacrifice, so make sure you know the difference between compassion for others and empathy. Hint: it has to do with having strong emotional boundaries. Chiron will be retrograde for much of next year, but it will station direct in December 2017 on 24º Pisces. Whatever starts around this time will see a huge move forward, at that point!

Another component of this eclipse is that Mars squares the Sun and Moon from 23º Sagittarius. (You can see it in the image above of my chart that Mars is right at the top, on my Neptune/Midheaven.) Mars in this tense, dynamic aspect to the eclipse means there is an impetus to take action, and that can be a good thing for the Pisces-Virgo axis, which tends towards inaction. Especially because Mars is in fiery Sagittarius, dreams are big and the urge to reach for them is driving you. This is an expansive influence, and your boundaries are going to be pushed. But you may have to do something outside your comfort zone for this one, like a leap of faith, because Pisces Full Moon blurs the end zone and forces you to use intuition rather than facts or logic. Sorry!

Uranus at 23º Aries makes a helpful trine to Mars in Sag. The Awakener can sometimes be a chaotic influence, with a harsh aspect. But in this case, being original and celebrating what makes you different and unique will be beneficial. Fly your freak flag! Aries is the sign of independence, and while the Pisces Moon dissolves any aggressive or direct actions (rendering them useless), it promotes acceptance. Acceptance of others, and acceptance of yourself….so be confident in who you are, be honest and authentic, and don’t be afraid to break away from the pack!

One caveat: Venus at 21º Libra opposes Uranus and inconjuncts the Moon, adding some social discomfort to the mix. A partnership may be involved, or you may simply have to close your mouth rather than sticking your foot in it! Libra Venus wants more than anything to meet status quo and have everything go smoothly with others, but that may not be possible. Just do the best you can and be as civil as possible in awkward or uncomfortable situations. If you make a choice that others oppose, don’t forget that you have to live your life, not them!


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