A Skipped Step

I have a personal new beginning on the horizon, so I’ve been pondering the New Moon in Scorpio (October 30th). It squares my lunar nodes (7º Leo and Aquarius), which means it represents a “Skipped Step” on my nodal axis. A square to your nodes offers the chance to leave something in your past behind (like a self-destructive behavior) and take the next step on your soul’s journey. This is an Evolutionary Astrology concept.

Karmically, the Lunar Nodes represent your soul’s path forward (North Node) and the path behind (South Node), and if you don’t believe in karma then you can look at them as what you are familiar with (SN) based on your early life experience, and what is unfamiliar but calls to you because it offers true happiness (NN). Physically, the nodes are not actually celestial bodies, but opposing points of the moon’s orbit that are always exactly 180º apart. The idea is that we are supposed to use the natural gifts of our South Node to propel us towards the true fulfillment that the North Node offers. The further along in life you are, the more you should be traveling towards your NN and away from your SN. But life is a journey and there are many steps on this path, including the Skipped Step.

As an example, my North Node is in Leo as I said. I’m here to embrace self-expression, creativity, passion, living in the moment…all things Leo, but it’s foreign to me somehow, so I find it really uncomfortable (even though my moon is in Leo, go figure). My South Node is in Aquarius, which means I’m used to feeling different, being alone, intellectualizing everything, and just plain being weird, and my safety zone is to be hermit-like and not share my emotions. But in order to find true happiness and fulfillment, I’m gonna have to stop fearing ridicule from others and just express myself openly and creatively, and with passion. Ironically, when I do that people will supposedly embrace me (it’s really hard to do even knowing that from an astrology standpoint!).

A natal square to your nodal axis in your chart usually represents something you didn’t accomplish in your past life, and continue to stumble upon in this life. You have to get it right before you can leave the past behind and finally move forward. Not everyone has a square to their nodal axis, but sometimes (like this New Moon in Scorpio for me), a transit will square your nodes, allowing you to redo a skipped step and move forward. If you do have a natal planet that squares your nodes, this will be a challenge you will have to overcome several times in the course of your life…but you will get better and better at it, more advanced, more skilled. A square can actually be a blessing, in my opinion.

Sometimes people come into your life with personal planets that square your Nodes, and you must accomplish something with that person before you can move on. Although they seem like an outside force, they are really acting as an opportunity to spur you into action that will allow you to propel yourself forward. Incidentally, when someone has a planet that aspects your SN, they are someone from your past life (or lives) and have a familiar feel to them. These are the people you meet that you feel like you have known forever, and just feel natural. If it’s a challenging planet like Pluto, Saturn, or sometimes Mars, then it could be a negative familiar feeling. If it’s the sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter, then it will likely be a positive familiar feeling. When people have planets that aspect your NN you are drawn to them but they can also make you feel uncomfortable because they represent unfamiliar territory that you are drawn to but are also scared to embrace.


2 thoughts on “A Skipped Step

    1. NN in Scorpio has to do with exploring intimacy and deep feelings, the transformation that occurs when you give yourself completely to something, like a relationship or a cause…Scorpio is the depths and it’s a Water sign, which represents emotions. 1st house is the house of the self, your self image, your outer shell, your body. If this is where your NN is, that means your SN is in 7th house Taurus, so your comfort zone is being selfish and pleasure-oriented (Taurus) and never wanting to do anything alone (7th house of partnerships).


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