A Skipped Step

A Skipped StepI have a new beginning on the horizon that I’m really excited about, so I’ve been pondering how the New Moon in Scorpio (October 30th) applies to me. While the timing is significant, I don’t have any planets in the hotspot (from 6 to 9 degrees of the Fixed or Water signs). Then I looked at my chart again, and realized the new moon exactly squares my Lunar Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes represent your path forward (North Node) and behind (South Node), and are not actually celestial bodies, but opposing points of the moon’s orbit. The North Node (NN) is unexplored territory through which you can find happiness. The South Node (SN) is karmically what you did in a past life, or what you tend to fall back on as a familiar habit in this life. They are always 180º apart.

My NN is at 7º Leo, in my 5th house. I’m here to embrace self-expression, creativity, joy, passion, and my “inner child”! But I find that hard, not only because it is unfamiliar to be in the spotlight, but because my SN is in 11th house Aquarius: I fear persecution and exile for being different. (I was probably burned at the stake in a past life!) So I often protect myself by choosing objectivity and emotional distance, over passion and intimacy, because that’s my Aquarian “comfort zone”. And I research everything rather than being spontaneous… it’s my soul’s defense mechanism!

When something in your natal chart squares your Nodal Axis, it’s called a “skipped step” in Evolutionary Astrology. That means that the squaring planet represents something you didn’t accomplish in your past life, and continue to stumble upon in this life. You have to get it right before you can leave the past behind and allow yourself to move forward. Sometimes people come into your life with personal planets that square your Nodes, and you must accomplish something together before you can move on. They are likely people you knew in a past life, and you have unfinished business!

I believe transits that square your Nodes also act like a skipped step…they bring up something you have to address in order to leave the past behind and embrace your happy future. In my current case, the new moon represents a fresh start that can propel me forward. I’m not entirely clear on the step I have to complete in order to move on yet, but it’s fitting that I’m at the end of my progressed moon in Scorpio phase, and very much looking forward to the end of that!


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