Personal One Month

Personal One MonthI love a fresh start! November brings a new numerological personal month, and for me it’s a 1 month…the start of a new cycle. It’s so apt, because I start at new job next week 🙂 I don’t know why it is, but all my personal 8 years seem to be full of struggle until the fall, and then everything finally falls into place (no pun intended).

The first 8 year I can remember, I turned 17, and I think it was a pretty good year actually but the fall was the best. I got a cool part time job at the local bookstore, and I was receiving recognition for running a great cross-country season (it took a lot of grueling training though!). In my mid-twenties, I quit my job and went back to school full time to earn an Associate’s degree in 8 months, then got a better job at the company I’d be with for another 8 years (all these 8s!). I was so broke up until then, though.

This year has been especially tough because it was also my Scorpio/8th house Moon Progression. But that’s almost over – thank God – I just have one last hurdle to get through, and that’s my progressed Full Moon phase, which is when your PR Sun and PR Moon oppose each other (only happens every 30 years). It’s a big culmination and the start of a new phase of life, and for me that happens on November 25th.

Next year should be amazeballs: a personal 9 year and progressed moon in Sagittarius/9th house. I hope great things are ahead!


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