Happy Sagittarius Season!

Happy Sagittarius Season!The Sun has entered Sag! I absolutely love this season. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries and Sag is a fellow Fire sign? But everyone seems so much happier during Sag season, and full of hope. People think less about their problems and lighten up, this time of year.

The Sun entered Sagittarius on November 21st this year, and it will leave on December 21st. So it starts with a gluttonous feast (Thanksgiving) which is appropriate, and leads up to the first day of Winter. I have a theory that most people don’t start worrying about Christmas until the Sun moves into Capricorn a few days beforehand, and that’s why there is such a ridiculous rush on the malls and such, to do all the last-minute shopping. Capricorn means worrying and spending money, so there you go!

But leading up to that, December is all about parties, having fun, decorations and lights, and eating nice things. That basically sums up Sag in a nutshell! The number one depiction of the Sagittarius spirit though, is Santa Claus, in my opinion. The only way the magic works is through belief, which is a major Sag/Jupiter theme. That belief can control a child’s behavior the entire month. Just think about what organized religion has done to control the mass population for millenniums! But seriously, remember when you were a kid (if you celebrated Christmas), and how magical this time of year truly was? Yes, you had to try to be good or Santa wouldn’t bring you any presents (which never happened), but it was just the belief that someone was out there waiting to be nice to you, and everyone you knew.

That’s the real magic, is the faith that something is out there that loves you and everyone else. We could really use some of that magic right now. It’s time to enjoy the lights and decorations and good food and realize that nearly every religion is celebrating something this season, so do we really have to argue semantics? We are all celebrating the same miracle in different costumes. Don’t let Sag’s downside (argument and competition over the “truth”) get you on a soap box this season. Let’s just all sit down at one big cornucopia and pass each other the food, and laugh at each other’s jokes. Yes, I am a rosy-eyed Pisces rising, deal with it. 😎