Website Updates, and Mercury’s not even Retrograde

I have transferred the contents of my old blog ( to free WordPress in order to cut the costs of having someone else host my website. So please take note of the new blog address, because the old one will disappear in February!

I decided to just do it now rather than wait  because  I needed a fresh start.

I’ve been confused about where to go with my astrology blog and YouTube channel, mostly because my communication style has changed a bit. (That and I have a lot going on in training at a new day-job!)

I’ve been leaning towards a simpler style. But while writing or recording a video, I waiver: am I being too emotionally distant? Am I rambling? Is this interesting to anyone but me?

In truth, I have always had this struggle. But perhaps that’s just par for the course when you are a writer. My goal is to publish more regularly even if I don’t feel like I get it just right. I’m not going to edit or delete my archived blog posts, but the style may be different, going forward.

Please note that I have a new Readings page, as well. I’m not doing paid readings at this time, so it basically consists of my email address and a comments section! Use either if you’d like some astrology help.

Thanks and have a happy holiday season!



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