Progressed Moon in Capricorn or the 10th House

goat-2153622This post is part of a series on lunar progressions. You can read this post for more about progressions in general 🙂

The progressed moon represents evolving needs, emotions, and relationships. It takes about two and a half years to go through each sign, and the lessons you learn during this progression alter you forever.

When you switch from PR moon in Sagittarius to Capricorn, your life gets very serious. They were definitely not that serious in Sagittarius, and unless Sag rules your 10th house of career, play and recreation were the priority. That will end, and possibly abruptly when PR moon enters Capricorn! Something may be a catalyst to this, such as a life crisis that causes you to question what you are doing, and in what ways you lack self-discipline, ambition, and structure.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, planet of restriction. This is Kronos, in Greek mythology, the ruler of time. Unlike the moon which rules Cancer, Capricorn’s opposing sign, this time is not cyclical. This is man-made time, the calendar, the clock. You are reminded during this lunar progression in what ways you are a subject of time, and of this world. This is an earth sign and it will ground you, sometimes painfully in the beginning of the progression. You are brought back down from the heights that Sagittarius brought you to, but this isn’t meant to be a punishment or inflict pain. It is meant to tone and strengthen you so that you can materialize with ease, through the rigors of self-discipline. How else will you make your dreams happen in the 3d world?

Like everything else, it is all in the way you perceive this phase that matters. And matter will be your concern – that which our world is made of, and how you can wield your power to gain the greatest amount of success and recognition you can. This is especially true if your PR moon is moving through your 10th house, the house of career and worldly ambitions! You may also find that you are attracted to relationships (friendships and romantic) with older people/mentors/bosses, OR you can go the opposite route and become the older, “parental” figure to younger/childlike people. It’s often an either/or situation (or both) with Capricorn, but there is something about teacher/student or father/child with these dynamics.

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign which represents the beginning of winter, so it is an initiator. You will initiate during this lunar progression, and it will be anything having to do with career, work, new ambitions, material success, and money matters. You may access the inner CEO in yourself and find leadership skills you never knew were there. Emotions themselves will not be on public display during this progression. It is not the most comfortable place for moon to be, given that it’s the opposite sign from her natural home (Cancer). Emotions are under extreme self-control and discipline and will only be released as is situationally appropriate, typically.

Capricorn is the mountain goat, and like a goat you will become both resourceful and ambitious. The pluses of this progression are that you will learn to spin gold from straw, making riches from virtually nothing and using all of your resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. You can become a true strategist. The pitfalls of Capricorn are materialism, and becoming overly concerned with status at the cost of actual enrichment and happiness. Capricorn can also be emotionally withdrawn and use work as an escape from tending to emotional issues, including home and family related things.

Again, these are just things to watch out for, and it truly is about your vibration while you are learning lessons. Like everything else, even a Capricorn/10th house lunar progression can be a fun ride or a miserable job. Saturn tends towards the depressing because it represents the epitome of negative energy – limitations, restriction, isolation, separation – yet without the darkness you cannot see the light. A photograph would be a blank white page without contrast. This lunar progression can teach you the joys of work, focus, dedication, and earning/making your own way. It can teach you the true liberation that comes from being self-disciplined, trained, and masterful in your area of choice.

One final word, Saturn has the “Benjamin Button” effect (is that an old reference?) in that it starts off old and grows young with work and time. So your Cappy lunar progression may start off depressing and feel sluggish, as if you have all this work ahead of you and it makes you feel tired and a bit isolated from everyone else that seems to be playing. But as you work it and see results over time, by the end of the progression you will feel much lighter and freer, and start to let your hair down so to speak.

This progression is challenging for most, but easiest for those with natal moon in another earth sign (Taurus, Virgo). It will be the most challenging for those with natal moon in another Cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, and especially Cancer), or heavy personal planets. For example, I have four planets in Aries and three in Libra, and my progressed moon is just about to enter Capricorn…should be LOADS OF FUN!!! 😛

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